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I’m Not Dead…

…although by my lack of posting, it may seem like it. I’ve gone back to college, and I’m taking 3 science courses this quarter that are kicking my butt. I have little time to eat, let alone cook. Luckily, I have a wonderful husband who during his unemployment has become quite an accomplished cook. He hasn’t done anything really new (and if he does, it ends up as a post on his blog), so no new posts. I’ve got a bunch of drafts, and hopefullly I can start rolling those out and posting them ASAP.

Keep an eye out. New entries coming soon – this week is midterm week so I have my nose in textbooks trying to wrap my head around the naming conventions for covalent and ionic compounds, and hoping I don’t screw it up too bad. Thanks to you all for your patience. I’ll find a way to balance blogging and school. 🙂

July 2009 Roundup

In savory recipes, Eggplant Penne Pasta from $5 Dinners, Zucchini Fritters from A Delighted Foodie, Roasted Cauliflower Risotto from A Series of Kitchen Experiments, Fried Squash from A Southern Grace, Stacked Ratatatouille from A Veggie Venture, Crockpot Sauerbraten and Potato and Green Bean Salad with Dill Pesto from A Year from Oak Cottage, Creamy Tortellini with Spinach & Tomatoes from Adventures in Home Cooking, Edamame Hummus from Andrea’s Easy Vegan Cooking, Louisiana Chicken Pasta from Annie’s Eats, Three Cheese Spaghetti Pie from Archana’s Kitchen, Dates Wrapped in Bacon with Marcona Almonds from The Bacon Show, Farro, Avocado, Cucumber, and Cherry Tomato Salad from Big Flavors from a Tiny Kitchen, Cheesy Chicken & Plantain Casserole from bitchincamero, Paula Deen’s Steak and Greens from Blisstree, World-Famous Maine Lobster Roll from Boston Food & Whine, Crawfish Paella from Cajun Chef Ryan, Bouchon Roast Chicken from Carmen Cooks, Pressed Cuban-Style Burgers, Tuscan Garlic Chicken Pasta and Cajun Chicken Pasta from Cassie Craves, Piquillo Peppers Stuffed with Goat Cheese from Chez Us, Zucchini and Ricotta Fritters from Chomping the Big Apple, Island Pork Tenderloin from Chow Times, Stuffed Swiss Chard from Ciao Chow Linda, Italian Sausage, Zucchini and Garlic Scape Pasta from Closet Cooking, Alabama Barbecued Chicken from Cooking Claire, Savory Summer Beef Pie from Cooking During Stolen Moments, Ham Steak with Pineapple and Jalapenos from Cooking, Dunkin Style, Farmers Market Vegetable and Goat Cheese Spaghetti from The Cooking Photographer, Curry Crunch Chicken Salad with Naan from Culinary Adventures of a New Wife, Maui Onion Dip from The Cutting Edge of Ordinary, Fritatta Built with Julienned Zucchini from Dish ‘n’ That, Saffron Risotto with Grilled Shrimp from Dishing Up Delights, Croque-Madame Panini from Evil Shenanigans, Peppery Bacon and Cheddar Scones from Ezra Pound Cake, P.F. Chang’s Mongolian Beef from Food for a Hungry Soul, Oeufs a la Grecque from Foodycat, Sweet Corn with Cilantro Lime Butter and Cotija Cheese from For the Love of Cooking, English Muffin Bread from From Donuts to Delirium: My Life as a Housewife, Courgette Fritatta from Girl Interrupted Eating, Crayfish Pappardelle Pasta with Garlic and Burnt Butter Cream Sauce from The Gourmet Challenge, Crab Croquettes from Gourmet Chick,  Cowboy Caviar from, Quark Spätzle from I Can Do That!, Baked Spinach and Chicken Bechamel Pasta from I Love Flavour, Me!, Summer Stuffed Zucchini from It’s All Gouda, Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs from Kats’ Kitchen, Shrimp Tacos with Cilantro-Lime Sour Cream from Life’s Ambrosia, Green Salsa with Avocado from Mexico in My Kitchen, Sweet Potato-Poblano Salad from more bread and cheese, please!, Bacon Wrapped Maple Mustard Chicken Thighs from One Perfect Bite, Duck Cassoulet from Only Slightly Pretentious Food,Garlic Herb Bread Twists from The Purple Foodie, Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Corn-Bacon Relish from Serious Eats, Chicken Cordon Bleu Bake and Pork Chops and Apples with Maple Sauce from The Sisters’ Cafe, Singapore Noodles from The Spiced Life, Summer Squash Pasta from strawberries in paris, Grilled Tilapia Tacos with Avocado Creme from SweetTea in Texas, Tortilla and Black Bean Pie from taste buds, Red Robin Chicken Teriyaki Burgers from Taste the Joy, Zucchini and Goats Cheese Pasta from The Purple Foodie, Creamy Chicken and Sweet Potato Soup with Smoked Gouda Cheese from Trader Joe’s Fan, Oven Roasted Tomato Pasta with Scallops from Tribeca Yummy Mummy, Grilled Cornish Game Hens Agrodolce (Vinegar Sauce) from We Are Never Full, and Wonton Noodle Soup from World Foodie Guide.

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Farm Fresh and Local Produce 8/29/09

To me, there’s nothing worse than a summer cold. It’s absolute hell for a foodie, because we live and die by our ability to taste, and having a cold that stuffs up your nose means you can taste close to nothing. Not to mention feeling under the weather sucks. So, despite the fact I was feeling awful, I still managed to drag my carcass out of bed to do at least an abbreviated visit to the markets (abbreviated for me means 2 markets instead of 3).

Despite Paul forgetting to wake me up (which meant I slept 20 minutes later than usual), we still managed to get out of the door on time, and got to the market around 7:30am. It had been raining cats and dogs all night, and was still really overcast when we got there, so I apologize for the lack of good photos. The lighting wasn’t great and I wasn’t feeling too into going to the markets. So my heart wasn’t completely in it. If I hadn’t needed to go to pick up a couple of things, I probably would have skipped out all together.

You know I’m feeling bad when even pictures of sunflowers don’t cheer me up. 😉 Maybe I should have bought a bunch? Hopefully I’ll be back to normal next week…

Sunflowers from Anderson's

Was thrilled to see lots of Brussels Sprouts at the market this weekend. I got a quart so that later this week I can make it my favorite way, parboiled and then sauteed with bacon, then finished with a little cream.

Brussels Sprouts from Rhoads Farm Market

And I also picked up another basket of Sungold tomatoes. My own plants aren’t producing much anymore, only a handful a day or so down from the pint from each plant per day peak.

Sungold Tomatoes

My main purpose for going to the markets today was to pick up some Paul Robeson tomatoes from Wayward Seed Farm. I got the last few they had. I’ve found that I’ve fallen in love with black tomato styles, so I picked up a few Black Krims from a few stalls away.

Heirloom Black Tomatoes

Off to Worthington, where there was an overabundance of all kinds of fruit, including the first Honeycrisp apples of the season. Yay! 🙂 Was also very tempted by pears from Eschelman’s Fruit Farm (sold at the Wayward Seed stand).

Pears from Eschelman's Fruit Farm

And yes, I was one of the people who stood in the line for strawberries at Crum’s Strawberry Farm. The farmer who runs the stand isn’t very friendly, but he’s kind of got a captive audience and I’ll put up with a little gruffness for some good strawberries in August.

Strawberries from Crum's Strawberry Farm

So that was my Saturday. I spent the rest of my time curled up the couch watching a Being Human marathon on BBC America all afternoon and evening.

Farm Fresh and Local Produce 8/26/09

I usually don’t hit mid-week markets, but after tasting the fabulousness that was the Paul Robeson tomatoes from Wayward Seed Farm the past weekend, I headed out in hopes of scoring some more without having to wait until Saturday. I’ve got to say that I’m really thrilled with the Wednesday Dublin Community Farmer’s Market. It’s the first year it’s being held, and it’s a really active market. I’ve been trying to make a point of getting there at least once or twice a month.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have any (but did have another dark tomato called Chocolate Stripe, I think), so they gave me that one to try and assured me that they’d bring some of my favorite variety to Saturday’s market. Not that there was any shortage of heirloom tomatoes at the market. All shapes, sizes and colors.

Heirloom Tomatoes

I’m not a huge fan of fennel, but there’s a type that they sell at Wayward Seed Farm that is perfect for me – the anise overtones are subdued, so while you get a hint of that in every dish you make, it doesn’t overwhelm it as fennel often does.

Fennel from Wayward Seed Farm

Hot peppers were also out in full force. The end of August is typically when pepper plants are at their most prolific, so there was no shortage of variety or heat level. I love local jalapenos, serranos, and poblanos, and use them often.


I’ve also been buying a lot of shallots lately. With all of the risotto I’ve been making, it’s been an absolute necessity.

Shallots from Wayward Seed Farm

With pears appearing at the market, I guess that means that apples aren’t that far behind…

Pears from Eshelman's Fruit Farm

And Brussels Sprouts! Tempted, but holding off until the weekend…

Brussels Sprouts

Did you check out the Dublin Farmers Market this summer? If so, what did you think?

Farm Fresh and Local Produce 8/22/09

I’ve got to admit, I’m getting a little bit wistful looking at pictures of produce from August. The weather has taken a definite turn toward cold, and this is just a reminder of a time when veggies were in their peak.

I think the first sign of the coming fall, even back then, was the first of the local apples.


Ditto with the appearance of tons of root vegetables, as the onion sets are finally full sized delicious onions.


And even the types of flowers you see changed – not sure exactly what these are.


The good thing about the end of summer is that lettuce once again starts becoming plentiful. It doesn’t grow well in the most intense heat of summer, but as temperatures start coming down, it thrives.


I’ve got to say, I love the looks of the purple green beans, but just don’t “get” them. They turn green when you cook them, so what’s the point?

Purple Green Beans

I wasn’t as crazy about this year’s watermelon, either. I unfortunately had trouble finding ones that weren’t mealy.


Can’t stand okra, but love the looks of it. I wish it were a vegetable I could learn to love.


My favorite thing of all this summer (and every summer) – Sun Gold tomatoes. To say I kept my plant going here in my garden until I get every last tomato out of it is an understatement.

Sungold Tomatoes

Lots more weeks to catch up on. I’ll try to remember details, but at the very least, you’ll be able to see why I feel compelled to get up at the crack of dawn every Saturday morning.

June 2009 Roundup

Wow, looking back, this is the first time I’ve posted since classes started a few weeks ago. I’ve been having a hard time finding balance or time to do anything outside of school, so my posting may be a bit sporadic. Bear with me, and I’ll post as much as possible, especially doing so during long weekends like this one.

Now, to catch up on things that should have been posted ages ago.

In savory recipes, Spinach and Bacon Frittata from $5 Dinners, Lasagna Tart from 101 Cookbooks, Vietnamese-Style Sauteed Beef (Bo Luc Lac) from 10thirty, Spanish-style Munggo Guisado from 80 Breakfasts, Turkey Yakitori Burgers from A Good Appetite, Taco Stuffed Shells from A Pookie Pantry, Garlic Scape and Goat Cheese Turkey Burgers from A Stove with a House Around It, Shrimp and Grits from A Yankee in a Southern Kitchen, All-American Potato Salad from A Taste of Home Cooking, Chicken with Chiles and Cheese from A Year from Oak Cottage, Manchego and Porcini Risotto from A Year in the Kitchen, Chipotle Shrimp and Cilantro-Avocado Cream Quesadillas from The Alchemist Chef, Chicken with Garlic & Parsley from Amanda’s Cookin’, Lemon Risotto from An Edible Symphony, Vegetable Tian and Tequila Lime Grilled Chicken from Annie’s Eats, Kitchen Sink Strata from the arugula files, Seared Scallops with Roasted Garlic Cream and Bayou Burger from Bay Area Foodie, Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy on Cheese Toasts from Biggest Diabetic Loser, Chiles Rellenos Quiche from Blog Appetit, BLT Pasta Salad from Blog Chef, Rocket, Watermelon and Greek Feta Salad from Boston Food & Whine, Summer Crab Risotto and Spicy Shrimp-Asparagus Risotto from BrokeAss Gourmet, Sweet and Sour Chicken from Brown Eyed Baker, Samosa Stuffed Jacket Potatoes from But Where Do You Get Your Protein?, Tilapia Tacos from Cara’s Cravings, Indian Spiced Potatoes from Cherry on a Cake, Beef Short Ribs and Truffle Potato Salad from Chez Us, Crawfish & Chorizo Cheese Grits from Chili Cheese Fries, Brown Rice Risotto with Asparagus and Mushrooms from Chocolate Chip Trip, Carrot Orzo from Chow Times, Honey Lemon Chicken and Thai Pineapple Fried Rice from Closet Cooking, Garlic Chicken with Orzo Noodles from Confabulation in the Kitchen, Toasted Orzo with Saffron & Fennel and Basil and Veggie Mini Quiches from Cookin’ Canuck, Chicken Stuffing Casserole from Cooking with Court, Potato, Cheese and Ale Soup from The Crepes of Wrath, Vietnamesey Baked Potatoes from The Daily Spud, Stuffed Turkey Bracciole Braised in a Cream Sherry Sauce from Dalla Mia Cucina, Pork Chops with Leeks in Mustard Sauce and Megan’s Italian-Style Couscous from Delicious Dishings, Scallops with Garlic and Tomato Cream Sauce from DomesticMuse, Rosemary-Baked Chicken with Potatoes from Epicurean Escapism, Rattlesnake Sliders and Roasted Garlic, Poblano and Red Pepper Guacamole from Ezra Pound Cake, E’s Samosa Wraps from FatFree Vegan Kitchen, Wagon Wheel Taco Pasta Salad from Food alla Puttanesca, Greek Potato Salad from Gianina’s Kitchen, Grilled Scallops with Pancetta and Basil Aioli from The Global Kitchen, Chicken Pizzaiola from Hold the Onions, Guacamole from Homesick Texan, Black Beans with Chorizo from Life Chef’s Food for Life, Spicy Shrimp and Avocado Cocktail from Life’s Ambrosia, Macaroni and Paneer Cheese from Lisa’s Vegetarian Kitchen, Southwestern Chicken and Rice Skillet Dinner and Red Skinned Potato Salad from Lynda’s Recipe Box, Tomatoes Stuffed with Roasted Corn Salad from Macaroni and Cheesecake, Greek Burgers with Feta Aioli from more than burnt toast, Ham and Cheese Stuffed Potatoes from Never Enough Thyme, Moroccan Cubanos from The New Cook, Mexican Stuffed Poblano Peppers from Oven Love, Herb Butter Mushrooms with Smoked Mozzarella from The Purple Foodie, Kimchi Chahan (Fried Rice) and Chilaquiles Verdes from Serious Eats, Bacon Waffles from Shazam in the Kitchen, Crabby Corn Chowder from Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy, and Prosciutto Croquetas from What You Having For Your Tea?.

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