Farm Fresh and Local Produce 8/26/09

I usually don’t hit mid-week markets, but after tasting the fabulousness that was the Paul Robeson tomatoes from Wayward Seed Farm the past weekend, I headed out in hopes of scoring some more without having to wait until Saturday. I’ve got to say that I’m really thrilled with the Wednesday Dublin Community Farmer’s Market. It’s the first year it’s being held, and it’s a really active market. I’ve been trying to make a point of getting there at least once or twice a month.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have any (but did have another dark tomato called Chocolate Stripe, I think), so they gave me that one to try and assured me that they’d bring some of my favorite variety to Saturday’s market. Not that there was any shortage of heirloom tomatoes at the market. All shapes, sizes and colors.

Heirloom Tomatoes

I’m not a huge fan of fennel, but there’s a type that they sell at Wayward Seed Farm that is perfect for me – the anise overtones are subdued, so while you get a hint of that in every dish you make, it doesn’t overwhelm it as fennel often does.

Fennel from Wayward Seed Farm

Hot peppers were also out in full force. The end of August is typically when pepper plants are at their most prolific, so there was no shortage of variety or heat level. I love local jalapenos, serranos, and poblanos, and use them often.


I’ve also been buying a lot of shallots lately. With all of the risotto I’ve been making, it’s been an absolute necessity.

Shallots from Wayward Seed Farm

With pears appearing at the market, I guess that means that apples aren’t that far behind…

Pears from Eshelman's Fruit Farm

And Brussels Sprouts! Tempted, but holding off until the weekend…

Brussels Sprouts

Did you check out the Dublin Farmers Market this summer? If so, what did you think?

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