Farm Fresh and Local Produce 8/29/09

To me, there’s nothing worse than a summer cold. It’s absolute hell for a foodie, because we live and die by our ability to taste, and having a cold that stuffs up your nose means you can taste close to nothing. Not to mention feeling under the weather sucks. So, despite the fact I was feeling awful, I still managed to drag my carcass out of bed to do at least an abbreviated visit to the markets (abbreviated for me means 2 markets instead of 3).

Despite Paul forgetting to wake me up (which meant I slept 20 minutes later than usual), we still managed to get out of the door on time, and got to the market around 7:30am. It had been raining cats and dogs all night, and was still really overcast when we got there, so I apologize for the lack of good photos. The lighting wasn’t great and I wasn’t feeling too into going to the markets. So my heart wasn’t completely in it. If I hadn’t needed to go to pick up a couple of things, I probably would have skipped out all together.

You know I’m feeling bad when even pictures of sunflowers don’t cheer me up. 😉 Maybe I should have bought a bunch? Hopefully I’ll be back to normal next week…

Sunflowers from Anderson's

Was thrilled to see lots of Brussels Sprouts at the market this weekend. I got a quart so that later this week I can make it my favorite way, parboiled and then sauteed with bacon, then finished with a little cream.

Brussels Sprouts from Rhoads Farm Market

And I also picked up another basket of Sungold tomatoes. My own plants aren’t producing much anymore, only a handful a day or so down from the pint from each plant per day peak.

Sungold Tomatoes

My main purpose for going to the markets today was to pick up some Paul Robeson tomatoes from Wayward Seed Farm. I got the last few they had. I’ve found that I’ve fallen in love with black tomato styles, so I picked up a few Black Krims from a few stalls away.

Heirloom Black Tomatoes

Off to Worthington, where there was an overabundance of all kinds of fruit, including the first Honeycrisp apples of the season. Yay! 🙂 Was also very tempted by pears from Eschelman’s Fruit Farm (sold at the Wayward Seed stand).

Pears from Eschelman's Fruit Farm

And yes, I was one of the people who stood in the line for strawberries at Crum’s Strawberry Farm. The farmer who runs the stand isn’t very friendly, but he’s kind of got a captive audience and I’ll put up with a little gruffness for some good strawberries in August.

Strawberries from Crum's Strawberry Farm

So that was my Saturday. I spent the rest of my time curled up the couch watching a Being Human marathon on BBC America all afternoon and evening.

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  1. Jenni

    Great pictures! I love 'em! Looks like such good stuff. Just wanted to pass along a note on the Crum's Strawberry Farm… They are a very sweet and gentle farm family from my neck of the woods and have a handful of farm stands in the Marion and Delaware area. Mr. Crum drives the school bus for our school and the kids all love him. He employs a lot of retired folks to work his stands and you're right, his strawberries (and tomatoes, and raspberries, and corn, etc.) are great!

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