Baked Tortellini

Inspired by a recipe on the Tart Reform blog for Baked Tortellini, I got the bright idea to do a variation of my Baked Ziti using tortellini as the pasta instead of ziti. All I’ve got to say is – wow! It elevated the dish to a whole new level. With less time to cook […]

Copycat Boston Market Creamed Spinach

So another Thanksgiving is behind us, and since we went over to eat with family rather than hosting this year, the meal we did here at home was super laid back and low key. We pretty much sticked with the tried and true, and the only place we differed this year was with the veggies. […]

Low-Key Holiday Meal

We’re thinking small this year – school has made extra time for cooking a luxury, so we’re planning on splitting our time on Thanksgiving this year between visiting family and cooking a small Thanksgiving meal for just Paul and I. It occurred to me that Paul and I couldn’t be the only one in this […]

Farm Fresh and Local Produce 7/25/09

I have no idea how this ended up getting lost in the drafts folder, but it’s a bit out of place (and season) at the moment. Let it serve as a reminder of one hell of a great summer for produce and hope for what will be next summer. It seemed as if at the […]

August 2009 Roundup

Slowly, but surely getting caught up… In savory recipes, Grilled Eggplant Panini with Rosemary-Garlic Aioli from $5 Dinners, Farro Salad with Green Beans and Corn from A Homemaker’s Habit, Courgette Pakoras in Spicy Tomato Sauce from Allotment 2 Kitchen, Sausage and Sage Stuffed Squash from Ambrosia and Nectar, Slow Cooker Risotto from An Empty Stomach […]

Chicken Francaise and Gnocchi

I’m lucky enough to be married to a guy who loves to cook. And he’s improved his skills greatly in the 13 years we’ve been married – I can remember when we met his cooking ability was limited to chili and beef stew, and neither was particularly good. Paul has been making a variation of […]

Rosemary and Peach Friands

I must have eaten my weight in peaches this past summer. For some odd reason, the peaches were especially good this year. It wasn’t unusual, during the height of the season, for me to eat 2-3 peaches a day. Still, we managed to set a few aside to try out some new recipes. This one? […]

Farm Fresh & Local Produce 9/2/09

Can’t believe that the farmers markets are over for the season, but I’m still trying to catch up on posts from summer still. Oh well, at the very least, it lets me hang on to the illusion of warm weather for a couple of more weeks. This was a Wednesday market at Dublin, but I […]

Thai Chicken with Thai Noodle Salad

I’ve been trying to expand my horizons for a while now, trying to master Asian cooking. Problem is, I’m super lazy. I love the flavor profiles, but hate the time it takes to make some of the more complicated dishes. This super easy recipe is a great compromise… Thai Chicken recipes courtesy 1 cup […]