2009 Retrospective / A Look to 2010

As is my tradition on the last day of the year, I take a few moments to evaluate how well I stuck to last year’s foodie resolutions, – Be a lot more proactive about working on the blog. I’m so far behind right now (33 drafts in my folder right now, the events and menus […]

Mahogany Beef Stew

I’m a sucker for stew recipes, especially during the winter. The cold weather is an excuse for me to hunker down and eat hearty, and it doesn’t get much heartier than this. The key to this recipe is the hoisin sauce, so don’t substitute. The stew has a nice rich flavor with a very subtle […]

Turkey Risotto

In case you have any Christmas turkey left to use, I heartily recommend this turkey risotto recipe that we made just with Thanksgiving leftovers. Better than it had any right to be because we made stock from the carcass of the bird, and then reduced it considerably. Great way to use some leftovers, and a […]


This lasagna recipe is probably the first one I ever developed on my own – I’ve been making it this way since I was a teenager. Little has changed over the years – now I’m using no boil noodles rather than going through the hassle of boiling them, and I’m using a spicier Margherita pepperoni […]

Pasta e Fagioli “Stew”

Wow – going through my Flickr stream, I found a picture of something I made quite a while ago, but never got to posting. As far as crockpot recipes go, this one is a keeper, although it turned out more like a stew than a soup. Either way, it’s super hearty and quite comforting during […]

Raspberry Cream Cheese Pastry

Man, oh man do I love simple recipes. This is one that I found on another blog during the summer, and made it quite a few times when raspberries were still in season. I’m sure it would work just as well with blueberries. And nobody will know just how easy it is to make or […]