Back in Business: bonopizza

I have great news for those of you who chipped in via the BonoPizza “pay it forward” program to help Bill & Peggy secure a new place – after a few false starts, they have finally reopened – in a cozy spot in the back of the Corner Market (corner of Northwest and Chambers). So if you sent money to them, be sure to stop by and grab your certificate.

The new location is deja vu for Bill, who had his first pizza place in the same location many years ago.

The pizza is as good as ever, and nothing beats grabbing a seat (there are only 12) and eating the pizza hot from the oven. They have two new ones that have become quick favorites for the both of us.

The first one is the Carbonara pizza, which is topped with Smithfield peppered ham/bacon that is caramelized for 3 hours with a ton of onions, and then topped with Asiago, fresh mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. It truly does taste just like a good carbonara.

Carbonara Pizza from bonotogo

My personal favorite is the Hippo pizza, topped with tomato sauce, garlic, anchovies, Emmenthal and Brie cheese, pistou and nicoise olives. It has this salty, sorta crunchy, hella creamy thing that rocks my world.

Hippo Pizza from bonotogo

They were giving people little shot glasses of creme brulee, a thick, rich custard with just the right amount of crunch on the caramelized topping. Apparently, these are a regular menu item. And I hear that he’s bringing back the crepes as well.

Creme Brulee from bonopizza

They’re open 6 days a week (closed Sunday), from 5-10pm. Run, don’t walk – there’s usually not a huge crowd, and I’m sure Bill and Peggy would love to see some more familiar faces.

If you’d like to go: Bonopizza, 1717 Northwest Blvd, 614-906-8646

7 thoughts on “Back in Business: bonopizza

  1. Amber

    It's been 2 days of bonopizza sightings for me. I saw them on Good morning Columbus yesterday but left for work before I found out the location. Then I saw their sign when I was at Krogers. And now your review. You didn't waste any time getting there!

  2. Food fan

    I will defniitely go to try that carbonara pizza. I am rooting for them but this has to be like the fifth different business I have seen try to make a go of that back area of ther Corner market and none have made it very long. Let's hope they break the trend!

  3. Matthewj

    I think the Carbonara pizza actually tastes a lot like a good French onion soup in pizza form. It's very good.

  4. slsmn

    Being new to UA and looking for a decent pizza offering I will surley try this new spot. Does anyone know if they sell adult beverages at this location?

  5. Shoba

    For those who participated in the Pay It Forward program ..
    I received my gift certificate in the mail. It is sort of like a punch card. Every time you buy 1 pizza, they punch your card and you get another 1 free. Can't wait to visit their new spot.

  6. Karen

    Bono Pizza is among some of the best pizza I and my BF have ever eaten. Believe me, they are in good company, as the best for me is authentic wood-oven pizza from actual Italian restaurants in Italy, and the best for my BF, having lived in NYC, is authentic NY pizza. My BF and I had Bono once while they were operating out of the parking lot near the Grandview Giant Eagle, and after that we could not find the elusive pizza for what seemed like FOREVER. We would reminisce, talk and pine over that delicious pizza for hours. We saw the sign up last weekend, and FREAKED OUT. We are headed there this weekend to devour us some slices (or whole pizzas) and could not be happier.

  7. clint

    Oh so exciting! fell in love with them in Killbourne and can't wait to get reacquainted =) thanks for the address!

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