Farm Fresh & Local Produce – 9/19/09

Since September 19th was Market Days at the Worthington Farmers Market (which usually means that none of the regular farmers are there), we decided instead to make another trip down to Athens to hit their farmers market again – we had so enjoyed the baked goods at the first one we went to, that we’ve been dreaming about getting some more of that Crumbs Bakery veggie pizza.

Athens Farmers Market Sign 9/19/09

We got there a few minutes before market opening, and used to our markets here, started talking to some farmers, only to be approached and yelled at by a yellow-shirted Market Manager – yikes. You would have thought that we had held someone up at gunpoint. We may not have Avalanche Pizza here, but give me our laid back farmers markets any day of the week.

One of the things I love about that market, though, are the things that you see grown locally that you never see at our farmers markets here in Columbus – like this bitter gourd.

Bitter Gourd at Athens Farmers Market 9/19/09

And something we’ve been looking for up here in any form for ages – single clove garlic, which is absolutely wonderful sliced razor thin and then sauteed up with some broccolini.

Single Clove Garlic at Athens Farmers Market 9/19/09

Or the locally grown paw paw, which is something I personally can’t stand, but is something that seems to have a huge following around here.

Paw Paws at Athens Farmers Market 9/19/09

I’m not exactly sure what kind of nut a “butternut” is, but they had those there too.

Butternuts at Athens Farmers Market 9/19/09

Concord grapes are awesome for making jelly – we made a few jars this summer that were absolutely wonderful. Love that I can have a taste of summer when it’s so damn cold outside.

Concord Grapes at Athens Farmers Market 9/19/09

One of the discoveries we made this time around was the Avalanche Pizza stand. Oh, man, do they have a way with baked goods. We came home loaded down with pretty much one of everything, like this bread topped with tomatoes and anchovy (or was it sardines?).

Bread from Avalanche Pizza at Athens Farmers Market 9/19/09

There were even alpacas there to pet.

Alpacas at Athens Farmers Market 9/19/09

Unfortunately, as much as I love the stuff I can get at that farmers market, I didn’t care much for the overall vibe of the place. We’ll be back, for sure – but it makes us all the more appreciative of the awesome folks we have selling up here in Columbus.

2 thoughts on “Farm Fresh & Local Produce – 9/19/09

  1. William

    The butternut is a white walnut (Juglans cinerea Juglandaceae) Sorry I was curious so I went a googling.

  2. Molly

    I'll have to see if I can find single clove garlic anywhere….it sounds AMAZING. (Without going to Athens, that is.)

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