Keeping It Local: Auddino’s Bakery

One of the great things about living in Columbus is that it never gets boring – it seems as though every time I go exploring, I find someplace new. Such was the case when it comes to Auddino’s Bakery, a family run business tucked away on the north side of town on a side street that runs between 11th and 17th.

Sign at Auddino's Bakery (Columbus, OH)

It’s your typical old school Italian bakery, with no shortage of freshly baked bread, doughnuts and other sweets, and a full case of desserts. Their baked goods can be found in restaurants all around town. Be it rolls or loaves of bread, or pizza crusts, they have it all.

Bread at Auddino's Bakery (Columbus, OH)

Where it’s at for me is their doughnuts – my favorite is a buttery croissant that is glazed, but I’ve yet to have anything there that I didn’t like. I also highly recommend the eclairs. Get their early (as soon after 6am as possible) for the best selection.

Doughnuts at Auddino's Bakery (Columbus, OH)

If biscotti is your thing, they’ve got that as well, along with the best pizelles I’ve had in town.

Biscotti at Auddino's Bakery (Columbus, OH)

And in addition to being a great bakery, they also have a small selection of Italian groceries.

Italian Groceries at Auddino's Bakery (Columbus, OH)

Since discovering Auddino’s, all other doughnuts don’t even compare – when I’m craving carbs, this is my first stop. If you find yourself up that way, be sure to stop in. It’s easy to get there from the highway (Rt 71 to 11th St exit, go west, quick right onto Clara St and you’re there), the people are super nice, and you’ll get the best baked goods you’ve had in a long time.

If you’d like to go: Auddino’s Italian Bakery, 1490 Clara St, Columbus. 614-294-2577

3 thoughts on “Keeping It Local: Auddino’s Bakery

  1. mamafuku

    I've used Auddino's for years! When my daughters were baptized (14-15years ago) I had them make Cassata cakes for the parties, then had them bake them for their First Communions; de-lici-ous. The owner said they're too much work, so he said he wouldn't do them anymore; I wonder if he's changed his mind in all this time…..Just had some cookies from here last night for a Christmas party at my BF. They were awesome and tasted just like my family's from growing up! Great old-time Italian Bakery….

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