Farm Fresh & Local Produce 10/3/09

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Wow, can you all believe we’re coming up on the last week of the year already? Where the hell did it go? I sure hate starting a new year with a bunch of unfinished business, so I’m going to work like the dickens to get out all my old posts, especially these farmers market reports.

Looking back, this market is where the tide truly turned as far as produce – it had definitely gone from the last vestiges of summer to the bounty of fall. These decorated baby squash should have been my first clue that Halloween was right around the corner.

Pumpkin Faces 10/3/09

I have got to say that hands down, I spent most of my money at the Wayward Seed Farm stand – the variety of produce they grew was just amazing. I discovered (because of them) lots of heirloom vegetable varieties, like these Dragon Heart Carrots.

Dragon Heart Carrots 10/3/09

Sigh…looking at these sunflowers has me counting ahead to spring – keep your fingers crossed that the winter will go by as quickly as this past summer did. It never does though, does it?

Sunflowers 10/3/09

One of the things that gets me through the winters, though, are the dried beans from Pop and Judy’s Patch. We stocked up on pretty much all of the varieties they had.

Dried Beans 10/3/09

Not a fan of chestnuts myself, but there were plenty to be had for those who are…

Chestnuts 10/3/09

I’m a fairly new convert to Brussells sprouts – especially when they’re caramelized with bacon and cream. Yum.

Brussels Sprouts 10/3/09

I think was the last week for tomatoes. You know summer is definitely over when the tomatoes go away.

Tomatoes 10/3/09

And I think this was the last week that it was warm enough to eat outside, too – lovely Saturday morning breakfast of Gagh from the Little Kitchen at North Market Poultry and Game.

Gagh from North Market Poultry & Game

Although it’s nice to be taking a bit of a break from waking up at the crack of dawn every Saturday, I miss eating locally like you wouldn’t believe.

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