Farm Fresh & Local Produce 10/10/09

Still typing away. I hate unfinished business, so my first priority is to get these market reports for last season knocked out before the end of the year. Only a few more weeks of reports to go.

I always want to grow decorative gourds, but never do. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love decorative gourds, I decorate with them all the time in the autumn, but just feel that if I can’t eat it, it’s a waste of space in my personal garden. Go figure.

Decorative Gourd Ceterpiece 10/10/09

What I wouldn’t do for some local raspberries right now. Or any fresh berries, for that matter.

Rapsberries 10/10/09

I really should make some more tree fruit meals while they’re still readily available.

Fall Fruits and Veggies 10/10/09

I’ve been meaning to cook with Asian pears, but never have, that I can remember. Any recipe suggestions, anyone?

Asian Pears 10/10/09

Ditto with salsify.

Salsify from Wayward Seed Farm 10/10/09

This reminds me, I have a bunch of squash in cold storage that I really should check the condition of and/or get to using.

Dumping Squash from Elizabeth Telling Farms 10/10/09

I’ve yet to go to one of the winter markets. Anyone have the scoop on any of the new ones?