Farm Fresh & Local Produce 10/17/09

It’s funny how much I take simple things for granted, now that they’re gone until next summer. Take these peppers, for instance. Every shape, color and heat level. Have you seen the sorry bell peppers that are available in the grocery store right now? Makes me long for the days of this.

Peppers from Persinger Farms 10/17/09

Dried corn makes a great decoration. We hung some on the front door this year instead of our normal kitschy autumn wreath.

Dried Corn from Wish Well Farms 10/17/09

Looking at this picture, I’m dying for a good salad.

Greens from Sippel Family Farm 10/17/09

I really learned to love beets this year, as long as they were roasted. Drizzled with a little honey and sprinkled with some coarse sea salt…yum.

Beets from Sippel Family Farm 10/17/09

I couldn’t get enough cauliflower this past summer, either. What I wouldn’t do for some local cauliflower right now.

Cauliflower from Wish Well Farms 10/17/09

The carrots were especially sweet this year, as well. I had an ongoing love affair with root vegetables.

Carrots from H-W Farms 10/17/09

What fruits or veggies are you missing the most right now?

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  1. Chrsitna Hoeppner

    I am trying to choose a restaurant for my birthday dinner, have you been to any restaurants in Columbus that have Bananas Foster on their menu?

    Thanks for your help,
    Chris Hoeppner

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