Review: Skillet, Rustic. Urban. Food.

Skillet, Rustic. Urban. Food. (hereafter referred to as Skillet) opened up to much fanfare late last year in the Schumacher Place location formerly occupied by Banana Bean Cafe until they moved over to much larger digs on Greenlawn Ave. While the space was definitely too small for the volume of Banana Bean Cafe, it was […]

Event: Taco Truck Tour Spring 2010

The folks over at Taco Trucks Columbus have been doing some great things for the food scene in Columbus – between that project and it’s sister project, alt.eats.columbus, they’ve taken the mystery out of ethnic eats in Cowtown. Over the last year, they’ve hosted a handful of taco truck tours in different parts of town […]

Farm Fresh and Local Produce 4/24/10

Even though none of the (non-winter) farmers markets are “technically” open, there have been farmers showing up to the North Market for at least the past couple of weeks. With one farmer showing up, it wasn’t worth getting up early for, but when I heard there were at least three – I was there. There’s […]

Quick Meatball Stroganoff

As much as I prefer making meals from scratch, sometimes I just don’t have the time to do so, and seek out some meals that are all about convenience. I’ve been buried under books for the past few months, so this recipe is ideal – it makes a lot, so be forewarned. You can make […]

Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese

I don’t usually watch too much Food Network these days – in their shift from chefs driven shows to having a bunch of “personalities”, I’ve lost a bit of patience for the network itself – there’s only so much Guy Fieri one can take before you reach for the remote. And anyone who employs Sandra […]

March 2010 Roundup

Even though I broke my hiatus with a few posts over the past couple of weeks, the truth is I had put blogging on the back burner. I’m officially back from hiatus now, although my postings might be a little light over the next couple of months – I’m taking an anatomy class this quarter […]