Radishes with Butter and Salt

There are certain things that just go together – tomatoes and basil, peanut butter and jelly, strawberries and whipped cream, eggs and truffle salt to name a few. One of those perfect combinations for me is a nice hearty bread, sweet cream butter, radishes and sea salt.

French Country Bread with Homemade Butter and French Breakfast Radishes

I made it using all local ingredients – French Country Bread from Omega Artisan Baking in the North Market, butter made using Snowville Creamery’s wonderful heavy cream, and French Breakfast radishes I got from the Clintonville Farmers Market.

What is your favorite thing about spring eating?

8 thoughts on “Radishes with Butter and Salt

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  3. Rachel

    Too bad we have no local salt, eh?

    I love everything about spring – such a breath of fresh air after the winter blahs.

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  5. Lori

    I love the beginning of summer. I buy bunches and bunches of radishes. I make a radish salad the I found in a Greek cook book at least a couple times each summer. I must say your idea here is perfect and all the better it is local.

  6. cosplay

    Ever since my old favorite Martini completely changed their menu I've been on the lookout for a new Italian fave in town–sounds like this one might be a winner!

  7. Elizabeth Brown

    Such a classic French flavor combo! For making appetizers, I like to buy radishes with the greens still attached. I score the ends with an X, then shove the ends in sweet butter. Sprinkle on some sea salt (or fleur de sel is even better), and you have an elegant, crunchy treat.

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