Farm Fresh and Local Produce 5/08/2010

I think this week is the one that signals the true beginning of the growing season for me – while in weeks past, I had to fight my instincts to get up that early on a Saturday morning, this weekend I was so gung ho about going that I woke up 20 minutes before my alarm even went off. Because as much as I like the North Market and Clintonville Farmers Markets, I absolutely love the Worthington Farmers Market. And this was the opening day, and I was looking forward to seeing people I haven’t seen since last fall.

Still we started out at the North Market, as usual – and lo and behold Mrs. Rhoads was there. I was looking forward to catching up with her (it’s been a few months – I think I last saw her at Lisa’s potluck a few months back) and she had the first strawberries of the year! She was kind enough to gift me a quart to try – just in case you can’t wait until next week to get some, I’ll tell you all about my visit to her farm market down in Circleville real soon. I was holding off until the growing season started again, and now that it has, I’ll be able to tell you about all the neat roadside stands, farm markets, and pick your owns I discovered last year. We’re blessed with an amazing growing here in Ohio. I’m looking forward to being able to plant in my garden (rather than in my cold frame or in containers) once the danger of frost is passed this weekend.

Strawberries from Rhoads Farm

Cause man was it cold and windy today. More than it has any business being in May. Jeans & Jacket weather. It could be worse, I suppose – it could have been raining too, but blech with the weather today. So my trip to the North Market was a bit abbreviated – it’s still at less than half it’s usual capacity, but I can’t see skipping it. Well, except next week – I know better this year – I’m waiting until last to go to the North Market, lest I get stuck within the perimeter of Race for the Cure for the 3rd year in a row, LOL. I’ll say one thing – this gig has been great for making me more aware of what’s going on in downtown Columbus at any given time. Maybe next week I’ll bring my Vado and get some video footage so you can get a feel for our market here. It’s got a nice vibe.

We made quick time up to Worthington – there was a plant sale going on the green, but we were there early enough that it wasn’t the madhouse we know it can be, which was nice because it gave us a couple of minutes to catch up with some familiar faces.

Lots of rhubarb everywhere – is rhubarb normally this early of a crop?


And AJ from Sassafras Bakery was there with a full assortment of baked goods – we got a little of this, and a little of that, because I absolutely love her stuff. I love the decorations she comes up with each week for her sugar cookies.

Sugar Cookies from Sassafras Bakery

I also got more radishes, so I could enjoy another week of sandwiches made with radishes, homemade butter, and sea salt.


Lastly, over to Clintonville – we were glad to see that Oakvale is selling their cheeses there this year, because we love them so. This variety is one of my favorites for putting in a macaroni and cheese mix.

Oakvale Habenero Heifer Cheese

I did get a couple of bags of spinach – I’ve been eating a lot of spinach lately, and have been looking forward to eating it locally.


So where did you go this week, and what did you get? Are you planning on hitting any mid-week markets this upcoming week?

13 thoughts on “Farm Fresh and Local Produce 5/08/2010

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  2. Interested

    I'm really curious about the variety of strawberries that would be ready this early, since they usually are a June crop. Do you know what the secret might be to get them to ripen already? Thanks !

  3. Kathy

    The strawberry production method is called "annual plasticultue" Visit and click on fruits and vegetables. There is a description that will be helpful to you. Chat with us at markets (NM & Clint) next week.

  4. paula

    I made my first visit this year to auction this past Friday. It's year-round but I only go when the days get longer and the weather gets nice. I found it still to be mostly non-local produce at this time so I came home empty handed. I was eyeing the rhubarb which I believe was local and I wish I bought some.

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