Farm Fresh and Local Produce 5/15/2010

It’s hard to believe, after running around like a madwoman all day, that I had almost skipped going to the farmers markets all together today. This weekend was Komen’s Race for the Cure, and for the past 2 years I forgot all about it and ended up going to the North Market and getting stuck within the race perimeter until the race was over. So regardless, I skipped the North Market today. Between the road closures and the post-race crowds, it would have ended up being more trouble than it was worth.

So we got started a little later than usual (I got a whole 3 hours sleep, after forgetting until about midnight last night that I had a psychology paper due today), and we started at Worthington. It was unbelievably busy with almost no parking, and it wasn’t even the 9am opening yet!

After getting asparagus the past two weeks, I’m pretty much asparagus’d out for the time being, but oh my was I so very tempted by these perfect bunches. Haven’t seen asparagus this pretty all season….


Didn’t get any brittle, but again, was super tempted. I was a good girl, though – kept my carb consumption to a minimum today.

Betsy's Brittle

Green onions tempting me to make some more pa jun. 🙂

Green Onions

Over at Clintonville – super crowded at 9:30ish. Not sure what kind of Asian greens these are, but someone says they’re really good in stir fry – anyone know what this is? I’m guessing tat soi, but I’m probably way off.

Tat Soi (or some other Asian green)

I picked up a small block of Oakvale Aged Gouda – thinking this would be delicious on salad.

Oakvale Aged Gouda

And lots of chives, but so few blossoms compared to last year. I’m dying to make some more chive blossom vinegar.


So which markets did you hit this morning, and what did you get? I’m super proud of myself for not spending more than $30, that’s a huge feat for me….