Farm Fresh and Local Produce 6/5/2010

I’m a little bit late getting last weekend’s market report up – this week was finals week for me, with the first part of the week being consumed by finishing up my anatomy class, and the latter part with addressing issues that happened during my practical that really bothered me – I’m finally able to put the quarter behind me, though and have about 2-3 weeks to do some heavy duty catching up on blog entries.

Sometimes things just fall into place. I’ve finally found the perfect time to leave my house in order to get to the North Market when most of the farmers are set up, but before the crowds take over. When I got to the North Market at around 8am Saturday morning, I most most taken by the amount of fruit Mrs. Rhoads had this week – her requisite strawberries, beautiful sweet cherries, and my favorite (but very short season) serviceberries. These will taste wonderful in scones I’m planning on making this week.

Service Berries from Rhoads Farm Market

When I saw all this beautiful local asparagus at the Wish Well Farms stand, I thought about Asparafest that would be held at Wild Goose Creative the next day, and wondered how many people would be buying it over the next few hours to make their creations? It’s one event that I regret missing.

Asparagus from Wish Well Farms

I picked up about 3 quarts of sweet cherries at the North Market this weekend, to be used in a multitude of dishes I’ll be posting about soon….

Sweet Cherries from Rhoads Farm Market

And kohlrabi from Bridgman Farms, which was made into a nice dish with cream sauce and crisp bacon.

Kohlrabi from Bridgman Farms

Impending doom in the form of thunderstorms started bearing down on us, and I got into my car to head to Worthington as the first raindrops fell. By the time I got to Worthington a few minutes later the rain was coming down pretty hard, but I just grabbed my umbrella and headed out. By the time I had walked from the parking lot to the sidewalk at High Street, the rain had pretty well stopped.

Still, I didn’t do too badly at Worthington. I got a few items from Snax, some cheese at Osage Lane Creamery, some jarred peaches at Two Crows Farms, and a few other items that are slipping my mind now.

Radishes are one of the few things that are almost always available throughout the whole growing season.

French Breakfast Radishes

Along with potatoes, which I’m pretty sure are grown in a greenhouse during this point in the growing season.

Small Red Potatoes

So how about the rest of you? Which markets did you hit and what did you get?

4 thoughts on “Farm Fresh and Local Produce 6/5/2010

  1. columbusfoodie Post author

    Easy peasy. Get some double smoked bacon at Thurns (on Greenlawn, just west of 71N), cut about 3 oz. of it into a small dice. Parboil peeled and sliced kohlrabi and a few leaves chopped into a chiffonade until it's tender. Render the bacon in a wok on high heat, and then add the drained kohlrabi. Stir fry until lightly browned all over, then sprinkle a little Wondra on it. Finish with cream, which will thicken up because of the flour. Season with salt and pepper. Simple but delicious. 🙂

    Love that new baker by Candle Lab (he's out of Lewis Center, the business is called Snax). He's a formally trained pastry chef and makes some amazing baked goods. He tells me I'm his best customer, LOL. If you haven't had a chance yet, try his cherry frangipane tart. Amazingly good.

  2. Lynn

    Any chance you can post your kohIrabi recipe? I'm trying to figure out what to do with mine. We hit the Worthington market and picked up some tart cherries, a loaf of sourdough from Lucky Cat bakery, a Mexican brownie from The Batter Bowl, and the most AMAZING Strawberry Tart from a guy whose table was right in the corner near the Candle Lab. It was SO very delicious. Then from the CSA at the Westerville Market, I got garlic scapes (yum), radishes, turnips, kohlrabi, lettuce, eggs, two zucchinis, and swiss chard. I also picked up some sweet cherries, blueberry bread, and strawberries. I think I might have spent too much money at the markets this week. 🙂

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