Gnocchi with Chicken Sausage, Bell Pepper and Fennel

My mom and I got into a discussion today about fennel – she said she has never had anything with fennel bulb in it, and I, remembering this recipe, went to my blog trying to pull up the recipe to give to her.

Imagine my surprise when I realized that I had never posted about it. And I’m not sure why – this recipe, because it uses a few convenience products, is a piece of cake to prepare and absolutely delicious. Healthy, too. Great use of produce that will be coming into season before we know it. You can find just about all the ingredients you need to make this at Trader Joe’s for a song.

Gnocchi with Chicken Sausage, Bell Pepper and Fennel

Gnocchi with Chicken Sausage, Bell Pepper, and Fennel
recipe courtesy Cooking Light

Preparation Time: 33 minutes minutes
Yield: 4 servings (serving size: 1 1/2 cups)

1 (16-ounce) package vacuum-packed gnocchi (such as Vigo)
2 teaspoons olive oil, divided
6 ounces basil, pine nut, and chicken sausage (such as Gerhard’s), casing removed and sliced
1 cup thinly sliced fennel
1 cup thinly sliced red bell pepper
1 cup thinly sliced onion
1/2 cup (2 ounces) freshly grated Asiago cheese
1/8 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
2 tablespoons chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley

1. Cook the gnocchi according to package directions, omitting salt and fat. Drain the gnocchi in a colander over a bowl, reserving 1/4 cup cooking liquid. Keep gnocchi warm.

2. Heat 1 teaspoon olive oil in large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add sausage to pan; sauté 3 minutes or until lightly browned, stirring frequently. Remove sausage from skillet using a slotted spoon.

3. Heat remaining 1 teaspoon oil in pan. Add fennel, bell pepper, and onion to pan; cook 13 minutes or until tender, stirring occasionally. Add sausage, gnocchi, cheese, black pepper, and reserved cooking liquid to pan; cook 1 minute or until cheese melts, stirring constantly. Remove from heat; stir in parsley.

CALORIES 342 (30% from fat); FAT 11.5g (sat 4.3g,mono 4.7g,poly 1.6g); IRON 1.1mg; CHOLESTEROL 50mg; CALCIUM 155mg; CARBOHYDRATE 45.4g; SODIUM 829mg; PROTEIN 15.9g; FIBER 2.9g 

7 thoughts on “Gnocchi with Chicken Sausage, Bell Pepper and Fennel

  1. columbusfoodie Post author

    Paula, I think you're right – you have a much better memory than I do. 🙂 I knew it had been posted before, and was flummoxed when I couldn't figure out where it went.

  2. limelicious

    I can't remember if I've ever had fennel, either; at least, I haven't realized it!

    This looks delish, and I'd be tempted to try to make my own gnocchi (though of course that makes it slightly less convenient)- I've seen lots of interesting gnocchi recipes lately, with ingredients like sweet potato, spinach, ricotta and even eggplant!

    There are farmers around Cbus that sell chicken products, including some delicious chicken sausage- I saw them at the new 15th & High farmers market but I bet they make their way to other locations as well.

  3. SherrINdy

    Tried this with sausage made from soya, and it was absolutely great. (We're vegetarians but I remember the savory taste and texture of real sausage and how much I loved it.)
    Thanks for helping me broaden my vegetarian horizons!

  4. Mike

    I love how this dish looks and being that I work for a fennel pollen company. I shall try this dish and add some of the pollen to it as a topper.

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