Farm Fresh and Local Produce 6/26/2010

I still wasn’t feeling 100% this past weekend, but I couldn’t resist the ritual of my Saturday morning farmers market trips, especially now since so many things are available.

We started, as usual, bright and early at the North Market – Mrs. Rhoads had the first peaches of the year, and was also kind enough to gift me a few ears of sweet corn, also new this week. I’m looking forward to eating the peaches out of hand – last year, her peaches were the picture of perfection.


After buying a few more things at the North Market (blueberries, shoo fly pie, and some really nice hothouse tomatoes from Wish Well Farms), we headed over to Worthington, early enough to beat the crowds. I need to remember to pick up a few ears of popcorn the next time around.


I love sunflowers, and love taking pictures of them. Each photo is almost like a painting. I wish I had an artistic bone in my body – if I did, my first subject would be paining sunflowers.


This head of red cabbage from Two Crows Farms turned into a fabulous slaw with a buttermilk-based dressing. It was a great side to the fish boat – nice and cooling and perfect for a summer meal.

Red Cabbage

I love that no matter what staple item you need, someone inevitably has it – like these carrots – would love to try these glazed. Not pictured but something I got a lot of were sour cherries – their season is short, but they’re great for making pies.


A quick trip to Clintonville to get some zucchini and a few other items. I’m always tempted by the artisan bread there, but unfortunately it’s just a bit too dear for my budget right now.

Artisan Bread

So where are your Saturday morning haunts? What great market am I missing? Who is your favorite farmer and whichever market you love?

4 thoughts on “Farm Fresh and Local Produce 6/26/2010

  1. cat

    Those carrots look great! I feel ya on the bread. I bought 2 loaves not knowing the price and about died when I realized I just paid $12 for two small loaves of bread. I will say it was delicious and unlike anything else I've tried.

  2. Diana

    I went to the Pickaway County farmers market – new this year, and Rhoads was there (they're from that area). It's small, but I got cucumbers, berries, peaches, muffins and then walked over to the Coffee shop for an iced latte. Plus I picked up flowers too.

    North Market farm market is one of my favorites along with Grove City. Isaac Barnes from Honey Run Farm is a teacher at the high school (my son just graduated) and he has great soap and honey at the North Market Farm Market.

  3. Celeste Goodson

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    Celeste Goodson

  4. Pat

    you're right about the hothouse tomatoes from Wishwell Farms. they may not be as good as what i'll pick from my garden in a few weeks but i've been getting them in Worthington for the past month and have been awfully impressed. Bought some corn from Wishwell today in worthington so i hope that's good. bought some corn at the Clintonville market last saturday that was fabulous. i only wish i knew who i got it from. also some italian sausage at the Clintonville market that i bought as soon as i tasted a sample. as good as any i've ever had i think. don't remember their name either…shame on m.

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