Garden Update: July 1, 2010

Sorry about the radio silence from here lately – it’s been a really rough month and a half for me. I felt like a bunch of things were hitting me at once. Sometime in mid-June, I ended up in the emergency room with massive pain in my chest, shoulder and neck, and the past month […]

Hoosier Amish Cake

The brand of buttermilk I buy (whole fat) only comes in a quart container. Unless I’m planning on making lots of pancakes or waffles, many times that leaves me with a bunch of buttermilk I need to use before it goes bad. In searching for a recipe that uses a considerable amount of buttermilk, I […]

May 2010 Roundup

What I love about summer is that its really easy to eat both seasonally and locally. This collection of recipes from other bloggers have inspired me, and you should see me making some of these recipes soon. In savory recipes, Pappardelle with Spiced Butter from 101 Cookbooks, Cheddar Ale Potato Soup from 28 Cooks, Blackberry […]

Event: Goodale Park Music Series 7/11/2010

My Sundays have just gotten a bit busier this summer. Just like last year, there is going to be a series of six weekly free concerts in Goodale Park. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to any of the concerts last year, but I hear stories of the CU folks getting together and having impromptu potlucks. […]

Garden Update: June 1, 2010

After putting in the raised beds last year, I was super psyched about gardening this year. I got a late start this year, though. I didn’t order or start seeds in time, so I got stuck planting seedlings. And didn’t even manage to get those in very early – we were definitely past the last […]

First Fridays at St. John Chrysostom

If you happen to have a little extra time to spare tomorrow afternoon, run – don’t walk to St. John Chrysostom Church on Cleveland Avenue near E. Dublin-Granville Rd. at around 3:30pm. Every First Friday of the month (except for when those Fridays fall on holiday weekends – this month being an exception because they’re […]