Farm Fresh & Local Produce 7/3/2010

July has been flying by, hasn’t it? I’ve been under the weather for the past few weeks, so there hasn’t been much time for anything except keeping up with my classes and nursing my wounds, so to speak. Still, I did manage to go to the farmers markets on the 4th of July weekend, even though I regretted it immediately afterward.

Not because of what was available, mind you. Had I been feeling 100%, I would have been totally psyched about everything I found. Instead, I was just sorta stoked.

I always walk by Honeyrun’s stand at the North Market, but I think I need to start taking a closer look, especially at their selection of infused honeys.

Black Locust Honey

I’ve been going nuts for the peaches from Rhoads again this year. I bought a huge box to eat throughout the week.


Down at Worthington, AJ of Sassafras Bakery was timely with her American flag sugar cookies.

American Flag Cookie

And speaking of infusions, there’s another (new to me) farmer who has been infusing different vinegars. I especially loved the deep color of the Opal Basil vinegar, so I picked up a bottle.

Infused Vinegars

Since I developed an appreciation for beets, not a week can go by without me picking up at least one bunch.


At Gillogly Orchards, they had these wineberries. It’s not a berry I’m familiar with, have any of you ever worked with it? They kind of remind me of raspberries in appearance.


And lots of sweet corn available at all the markets. Once sweet corn season starts around here, I can’t get enough. It doesn’t even need butter or salt.

Sweet Corn

The person in front of me got the rest of the sour cherries for the year. 🙁 I’m bummed about how short the sour cherry season is here in Ohio.

Sour Cherries

So how did the rest of you spend your Independence Day weekend?

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  3. Jeffrey

    Grilling out and enjoying the day! What great farmer's market finds! The raspberries look wonderful, as does everything else! We got some great produce at the Grove City farmer's mkt. last weeked and the most wonderful pie and breads I've ever had! And from the looks of it, others thought so as well! I love farmer's market season!

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