Poutine at the Hills Market!

Back for one night only, the Hills Market is serving up poutine tonight from 6-8:30pm at their store. With fresh cut fries, their own gravy, and fresh cheese curds from Blue Jacket Dairy, this is a night not to be missed. For $8, enjoy a plate of poutine either to go or on their Veranda. It’s going to be a beautiful night, so why not? Call in advance to place your order at 614-846-3220.

Poutine @ Hills Market Canada Day Dinner

The last time they had poutine, it was during last year’s Canada Day dinner. Since I *still* haven’t written about it, I figured that I’d show you what else they had last year. Even though they’re just doing the poutine portion tonight, their dinners aren’t to be missed.

They started with a nice simple salad featuring Blue Jacket Dairy’s dill cheese curds.

Salad with Dill Curds @ Hills Market Canada Day Dinner

And after the main course of poutine, a nice refreshing dessert of berries served with Blue Jacket Dairy’s Lemon Quark.

Berries & Quark @ Hills Market Canada Day Dinner

They put some amazing events on at the Hills Market, so keep an eye on their website to be kept abreast of the goings on – it’s a store full of passionate people who love what they are doing.

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