Keeping It Local: Huffman’s Market

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As much as I’ve been blathering on about my love of new foodie mecca Giant Eagle Market District over at Kingsdale, less than a mile away there’s an independent market that holds just as much of a place in my heart, for an entirely different reason.

We discovered Huffman’s Market not too long ago, right after I found out that my hook up for WondeRoast rotisserie chicken (the best thing ever!), Broadmoor Market, would be closing. I searched high and low for another source for this magical chicken, and found out that Huffman’s carries it. So while the promise of chicken initially got me in the door, it was everything else I found inside that makes it a frequent stop for us.

It’s located just a hop, skip and a jump away from Market District on Tremont, bookending the other shops at Tremont Center. If you’re entering from Tremont, you want to go straight to the other end of the shopping center, and there’s direct access from Redding Rd.

It’s fairly easy to find though, because their signage really stands out. When I saw beautiful local produce out front, I knew this wasn’t just your normal grocery.

Exterior of Huffman's Market

Even before you walk in the door, you can get whatever seasonal produce they have out there – at the time I visited for the first time, it was smack dab in the middle of tomato and corn season.

Produce at Huffman's Market

One thing I’ve noticed about Huffman’s is that they have a strong commitment to sourcing locally. For example, alongside artisan breads, they carry cakes from the Suisse Shop up at Polaris.

Bread at Huffman's Market

They have an extremely large selection of prepared foods in their case, with a different soup every day. I’ve yet to meet a soup there I didn’t like.

Prepared Foods at Huffman's Market

Once again, you can see the local commitment in their bakery case, with selections from Der Dutchman and Le Chatelaine. Up front, there are also pies from Just Pies and other local bakeries.

Bakery Items at Huffman's Market

About that WondeRoast chicken – try it for yourself, they make the claim that it is the best in town, and it truly is. I’m not sure if it’s the rotisserie spices they use or the method of roasting it, but it’s one of my favorite things. They always seem to have a good selection of them in their case.

WondeRoast Chicken at Huffman's Market

There’s so much more there that is worth checking out – a State Liquor Agency, a decent selection of groceries (many of them from local producers), but what keeps us coming back is the incredible customer service. Family owned for 24 years, they strive to always put the customer first, offering an area for special orders (if they can get it for you, they will!), delivery service, catering and more.

Next time you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to drop in and check it out. Because even though there’s a big shiny new Market District down the street, there are still a few family owned independent groceries around town that are worth checking out and keeping around for years to come. This is one such gem.

If you’d like to go: Huffman’s Market, 2140 Tremont Center, Upper Arlington, OH. 614-486-5336.

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