Lots of Exciting Things in Store for November!

First off, an apology for not posting lately. It’s not for lack of drafts. When Bloglines announced they were discontinuing service,  what should have been easy (importing my subscriptions), turned into a nightmare. Since I subscribe to over 7,000 feeds, the file was too big to be imported, and I’ve had to resubscribe to them by hand in Google Reader. So I got really distracted by work in the back end, but have let a bit of time elapse since my last point).

But that will have to wait until Monday, Because I’ve caught the travel bug, folks. 24 hours from now I’ll be in San Francisco, chowing down on street foods at a welcome reception for those of us who are attending the 2nd Annual Foodbuzz Festival. I bought the ticket on a whim, even though I don’t know any of the people attending on a personal level. I always love meeting new people, so if you see me there, please say hi.  don’t bite, I promise. So I’ll be blogging regularly while I’m in San Francisco, about the things and bites I’ll experience over the weekend. I’m trying to tuck a couple extra experiences into the limited free time I have – like going to Japantown for a bowl of ramen that uses real homemade noodles and a broth that has been concentrated for 36 hours. I can’t wait! Also in the plans is a trip to the Ferry Market and it’s farmers market. I’m still feeling a little overwhelmed by BART and the Muni, so hopefully one or the other will take me where I want to go. I’m planning on documenting my experiences as I go along.

As soon as I return, Monday is the beginning of Dine Originals Week – a great opportunity to get a good deal,  (all meals are prix fixe at $10, $20, or $30 with several courses)  visit a restaurant that you love, or take this opportunity to try a new one. I’ve gone and written about it a few times  a while back, and for the most part, had an amazing experience. Visit their website (linked above) for more information.

One of the Dine Originals board members was kind enough to donate $30 in Dine Original Dollars, good at any of their member restaurants) to one of my readers. All you need to enter is to look at the menus, and decide which restaurant has a menu that makes your mouth water the most, and comment about it below. The contest runs until the 15th at noon, and will randomly pick a winner.Although I’m not going to go whole hog like I did with my posts on last year’s Dine Originals. Most likely going for lunches, to places I’ve never been to/reviewed before.  But next week, my restaurant experiences will be front and center.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I’ll be going back to my hometowns (Vineland/Millville, MJ) to attend my 20 year high school reunion. I cannot believe that time has flown so much.

But while I’m there, I’m also going to be spending time with friends I haven’t seen years, my father who I likewise haven’t seen in years, and isn’t that what makes going home for the holidays worth it? Sad that I’m going to miss out on eating Thanksgiving dinner, but super psyched about exploring the area.

I swear, though – I need to spread out a bit. Vineland is the land of chains, and those that are not chains are places that have lots of fried food, pasta, pizza, subs, cheesesteaks, seafood (which unfortunately get ruined when they’re battered and fries.

So, inevitably there will be a few local pics, but I’ll end up somewhere else. Like Philadelphia, where I can get a cheesesteak at Jim’s Steaks, a romp through the Reading Terminal Market, somewhere at/near the shore – will see. The good news about Millville in winter is that Jim’s Lunch is open so I can get my burger fix.

19 thoughts on “Lots of Exciting Things in Store for November!

  1. Sarah

    The Refectory – met the owner today at school (Columbus Culinary) and everything he said made me want to eat there more. This would totally be the excuse (aka money) I need!

  2. Melissa

    One of the the few place I have not tried yet is the Worthington Inn (and that's sad because I only live 3 miles from it). I think their menu for next week looks wonderful.

  3. Nicole

    I'm from Bridgeton NJ, now transplanted in Columbus so I love any posts about Millville and Vineland! My mother and I would drive over there and eat there all the time (not too many good places in Bridgeton). My favorites were Peking Tokyo Chinese & Japanese Cuisine on Main street. And the greek place off of delsea drive, in Vineland. I think it's called Olympia. Not sure if you've ever been to those places. No idea how they are all these years later, I only make it back during the summer to my hometown and never get a chance to visit any foodie places when I'm there. If you ever get to try them you'll have to post.

  4. Lauren

    I think I'd have to go with The Refectory, it's a hard choice though. I'll probably change my mind a million times.

  5. Kelly

    I've already made reservations at Black Creek, which I'm excited about trying for the first time, but since their menu isn't posted I would have to say the sweet potato polenta fries combined with the vegetarian risotto stuffed portabello mushroom from Z Cucina sounds WONDERFUL! Love restaurant week!

  6. Natalie


    It was so great to meet you in person at the festival. And thank you SO SO much for the macarons! I skipped out on the gala dinner and went home to be with my family, where I promptly busted out the macarons and shared them with my husband. He loved them as well. I hope you enjoyed your time in the Bay Area. Hopefully I'll see you again next year!


  7. Natalie

    P.S. I can't believe you subscribe to 7000 feeds!!! I thought it was cumbersome with my 200+! Good luck with Google Reader. I've really enjoyed using it. 🙂

  8. Katie

    I agree with Courtney – I'm diggin on the Luce Enoteca menu – the proscuitto/sage wrapped chicken looks fabulous!

  9. J-J

    The L'Antibes menu looks divine. I have had their blue crab before and it is to die for. I can't choose between the entrees as both sound delicious and you can't go wrong with chocolate mousse!

  10. columbusfoodie Post author

    Thank you so much, Natalie, for your kind words and being a bright spot in an otherwise crappy weekend. Glad to have finally met you in person, but had a bad enough experience this year that I don't think I'll be coming back next year.

    I'm also glad that you enjoyed the macarons. We have so many talented people in Columbus, that I loved sharing a little bit of that with someone who is from another part of the country.

  11. Jefferson

    Alana's Thai Curried (Vegan) Butternut and Pumpkins sounds great, I've only heard good things about her food and would love to try it 🙂

  12. Heather

    I would have loved the occasion to try The Refectory for the first time (particularly the duet), but I couldn’t afford to go ANYWHERE this past week. Insert depressed pouty face here.

  13. Meg

    Like many others, I would LOVE to try The Refectory– it has been on my list of "must-do in Cbus" for quite some time, and I'd like to take my fiance (who just got a new job!) there sometime soon to celebrate.

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