San Francisco: Day 3

Ah, now that I’m back from NJ and back in front of a working computer (the Bluetooth on my MSI Wind bought the farm, and P. was kind enough to give me his Netbook since he rarely uses it), I can finally finish the story about my trip to San Francisco.

I was up really early on Sunday morning, partly because I had gotten plenty of sleep the night before, partly because I knew I had a couple of places to hit before going to the airport. I had scheduled a later flight to return home because the earlier flights would have had me missing the Farewell Brunch, but once I realized I wasn’t going to the brunch, I wanted to see if I could get an earlier flight. Can I just interject that Delta is a nightmare to deal with? Based on some bad information I was given by one of their customer service droids, I had rescheduled the airport shuttle to pick me up at the Ferry Building at 10:30 rather than noon. When I called in at 10am like I was supposed to (to be able to get an earlier flight for an extra $50), I was told, nope ain’t gonna happen. Grrr.

But about the Ferry Building – the day before I had tried to buy some canneles from Boulette’s Larder, but they were sold out – so I preordered (and prepaid) for some canneles that I would pick up the next morning when they opened.

Since I got there well before they opened (at 9:15ish) and since I had all my luggage with me (minus the stuff I had shipped back home via FedEx), I planted my butt across the way at the Frog Hollow Farm space. I ordered some hot chocolate to pass the time.

SFO Day 3: Hot Cocoa from Frog Hollow Farms @ Ferry Market Building

And since I didn’t know when I’d eat again next, I ordered a carnitas empanada. Not too filling, and a good way to start the day.

SFO Day 3: Carnitas Empanada from Frog Hollow @ Ferry Market Building

Canneles in hand, and it raining like crazy outside, I planted myself on the front steps of the Ferry Building to wait for my shuttle. I got to the airport, breezed through security (fortunately, they hadn’t started using the full body scanners at SFO yet – cause I’ll be in for the pat-down of my life when they do, because I can’t raise my left arm above my head without losing circulation in it).  Then started the big long wait, considering I got there at noon and my flight to LAX wasn’t until 6pm.

Some time in the afternoon I gave into hunger and went into the only sit-down restaurant in the United terminal. BIG mistake. Easily one of the worst meals I’ve had this year.

Since I had a long wait ahead of me (both for my food and my flight), I decided to order a cocktail. Another big mistake. While the underlying mixer wasn’t that bad, it got absolutely ruined by the rotgut they call vodka there. $8 down the drain.

SFO Day 3: Bloody Mary at San Francisco Airport

From their appetizer menu, I ordered their crab cake sliders ($13.50?), minus the buns (since the last thing I wanted was to load up on carbs). Man, are those some sorry looking crab cakes or what? Teeny tiny and mostly filler. The salad was the best part of this dish, and it was just some romaine w/ OTC salad dressing and a few croutons.

SFO Day 3: Crab Cakes/Caesar Salad at San Francisco Airport

I also ordered their special of the day, a lamb shank served with pilaf ($22.95?), which was also pretty darn nasty. The shank was cooked unevenly (some parts were super tough, others were fall apart tender), and the olives ruined the whole dish for me. I don’t mind olive oil, but don’t like actual olives. I ate what I could of it, but still left over half behind because it was inedible.

SFO Day 3: Lamb Shank at San Francisco Airport

Truthfully, this was pretty much the last thing I ate before getting home. Delta was having major problems with their equipment, so our flight ended up being delayed for 2+ hours, and whatever short layover I would have at LAX was eaten up by the delays. We got there in just enough time to find a bathroom, because they were boarding for my flight to CMH when I got back 5 minutes later.

I loved San Francisco from a food perspective, but wish I had more time to explore, and had someone with me that I could explore with. As it stood, I was glad to get home to be fed a real home cooked meal.

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  1. retro sweets

    Delta is always a pain to deal with. Try Virgin next time. They're great with customer service and they simply give you full attention. But anyway, good to know you loved the golden state. Hope you'll have someone with you the next time you go back there. 🙂

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