I’m still working on the post updating you all on my health issues (takes forever to type with fingers that have been used as pin cushions), but i didn’t want another moment to go by without putting out the reminder that this week (March 7th to March 13th). I’ve had some unfortunate health setbacks that mean I’ll have to miss this round, but I heartily recommend trying out someplace new or an old favorite – there are deals out there for every price point. I may send Paul out to review a few places in my stead.

Dine Originals Columbus has been kind enough to offer once again a $30 Dine Originals gift certificate (not valid during Dine Originals Week) to a Columbus Foodie reader. To enter, either check out the menus and let me know which one appeals to you most, or write a comment about one of the menus that you’ve already had and what you thought of it. One entry per person, please.

The winner will be drawn on Monday morning, so make sure to find some way to include your email address into your entry so I can give your email address to Dine Originals who will send the certificate directly to you. Good luck!

The numbers generated by this widget come from RANDOM.ORG’s true random number generator.

Congrats to Jenny, winner of the gift certificates. 🙂 Thanks to the rest of you for you well wishes and inspired choices. I loved reading your comments. Paul’s writeup on the three places he went to coming soon.

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  1. katedjupe Post author

    I'm happy to see you back in this space – I'm hoping for some relief and good news for you soon.

    As for this generous contest – I'm drooling over the menus for Skillet & Pistacia Vera!

  2. bluecamera Post author

    i've tried dine originals offerings at pistacia vera and katzinger's this week, and the l'antibes menu is the one that most appeals to me. i plan on going there tomorrow night!

  3. greengeekgirl Post author

    I hope that you're feeling a least a little better! (I don't comment here often, but I have been following your tweets and blog for awhile now.) I hope you are getting lots of rest and good care 🙂

    May as well head off to look at these menus . . . .

    It was really a close decision — there are a lot of my favorite places on this list 😉 But, the one that looks most attractive to me is Barcelona. I love, love, love Spanish food–I got addicted to it living near San Diego, where there is a really stellar Spanish restaurant. And I see a lot of my favorites on their menu for the week–Serrano ham, patatas bravas (so good)–I actually think I'd stop in for their lunch special, rather than dinner, just because they have more of my favorites!

  4. Anne Post author

    I hope you are feeling better and have nothing but good news along the road to recovery!

    I would love to eat at Skillet this week – they have been driving me to distraction with their menu descriptions! Celery root-potato mash will win me over every time!

  5. Cindy Post author

    Sorry to hear that you've had serious medical setbacks, hope you are back on the mend. We visited Pistacia Vera and Skillet last night for Dine Originals. Their menus appealed the most to us. Pistacia's Chocolate bombe is amazing–so much chocolate-y goodness! At Skillet, I had the bean stew, hanger steak, and apple hand pie. It was terrific! Great menu. Friend had the kidron chicken and loved it.

  6. Heather Fidler Post author

    Part of me really wants to try The Refectory for the first time, but I just can’t bring myself to consider eating alpaca. Rabbit, no problem, but not alpaca.

    Glad you’re getting back on the mending track, Becke.

  7. Doug Post author

    Hope you are getting well– we've missed you.
    I've been in Columbus for four years and am sad to say I've still never tried Alana's– I'm determined to check it out now!

  8. Melissa Post author

    Like many others the Skillet menu has been tempting me the most.

    Sending prayers your way for healing.

  9. Jaydubs Post author

    I've still never had Alana's, but hope to soon, if not this week. I'll definitely be heading to Pistachia Vera this weekend–I can't get enough of their sweets!

  10. Emily Post author

    I've never been to Barcelona but I'm drooling over the options they have on their menu. I'd love to check it out!

  11. karmainthekitchen Post author

    Rigsby's. I especially appreciate that they are not doing traditional dessert options; blood organe olive oil cake? Oh yes!

  12. Lynn G. Post author

    Basil or Katzinger's both look simply delicious to me and I have never been to either! But who doesn't love the fine tasty treats found at Pistacia Vera?! Oh, decisions, decisions. I think Basil's may win out on my must sample this week choice. Thanks and all the best as you're on the mend.

  13. Courtenay Post author

    Everything we've ever eaten at Mozart's has always been spectacular and their Dine Original's menu looks like it will be great too. I love the canapés and the Champagne Strawberry Roulade.

  14. Jenny Post author

    I went to Shoku on Tuesday night and thought it was great b/c you could choose 1 appetizer & 2 entrees from their normal menu for $30. We got Beef Maki for an appetizer and Stuffed Salmon and Udon Noodles for our entrees, all of which was delicious!

  15. Kelly Post author

    I'm super excited about my G. Michael's reservation tomorrow. It's been a few years since I've been there and the menu looks great! I plan on getting the mushroom ravioli or the cornbread-stuffed trout

  16. Sara Post author

    I can't wait to eat at G. Michael's tomorrow night! Just reading the words "pork belly" makes me swoon! Also hoping to stop by Pistacia Vera first to pick up treats to take home.

  17. columbusfoodie

    Congrats, Jenny – you are the winner of the gift certificates. I will forward your email address to my contact at Dine Originals Columbus, who will get those out to you in a jiffy.

  18. Columbus Cuisine Post author

    Dear Columbus Foodie,

    Please check out a new free monthly paper in Columbus dealing with all things food, Columbus Cuisine. We would love to have you write for it! Please email us… Thank you.

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