A Brief Note From Mr. Columbus Foodie

Hello all. It’s me, Paul. Columbus Foodie’s husband.

Becke’s been in the hospital for several weeks now, and likely won’t be out of the hospital for quite a while. She’s currently unable to update columbusfoodie.com, so this blog will remain in archive mode until Becke’s able to begin posting again. I might post some articles she’s got in the queue ready to go, and I’ve got a couple of articles that I sent to her which were ready for publishing. We’ll see.

I’ve got a CarePages webpage up which has been tracking Becke’s condition since April 11th. It is located here.

Please keep Becke in your thoughts and prayers for her complete recovery.

8 thoughts on “A Brief Note From Mr. Columbus Foodie

  1. Kathy

    Paul, I have also attempted to keep in touch with Becke, sorry to hear of her illness. Please convey to her how much we care. But, I was also unable to connect with a CarePages, the site wasn't on my email.

  2. Shana B

    So sorry to hear about Becke being in the hospital. Columbus Foodie is the first blog I started reading:) Wishing you guys the best and hoping for an easy recovery.

  3. Ed Boyle

    Best of luck to both of you. My Wife is also undergoing some medical problems and I had a heart attack several years ago so I know the drain on both of you. Keep optimistic, it is one of the best medicines.

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