Health Update

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You all may have wondered where I have been for the past three months. Many of you had a vague notion that I was sick but weren’t quite aware of how sick I was. Truth of the matter is that I was so sick that they didn’t think I would make through alive. I had a raging case of ARDS so bad that I was on a
ventilator in ICU for over 30 days. They transferred me to the current hospital
to wean me off the ventilator and tracheotomy. Unfortunately, while I was under sedation I sustained major nerve damage in my right arm (which is my dominant hand) which means that I’ve had to learn how to type, eat, and function all over again. After this, my next stop is an acute physical rehab so that I can learn to walk again.

While I am back doing Columbus Foodie full-time, it may be a little slow going
in the beginning until I’m fully recovered. I’ve bought a copy of voice
recognition software that will make things easier but it may be a while until
you hear my voice regularly. In the meantime, Paul has been picking up the
slack by being my photographer, proxy at events, and all-around great partner
in more ways than one.

While in a medically induced coma, I had some vivid bizarre dreams that caused me to confuse fantasy with reality. Maybe I will tell you all about that in a separate post, so detailed that it makes for a great story. Expect new content soon. Thanks to all for the well wishes, phone calls, and visits; they did more than you know to lift my spirits and keep me optimistic.

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