Event: The Making of a Chef at CSCC + Giveaway!

As many of you already know, I’ve been attending and blogging about Taste the Future, the annual fundraiser that provides scholarships for those who are going through the Culinary program at Columbus State, for many years now. Off the top of my head, I want to say that I’ve been there every time since 2006. And, at least to me, it’s one of my favorite culinary events of the year. But my participation has always been limited to attending and blogging about it – even though I knew that the money raised would go to students, I had never met or spoken to any of the students.

So when Elissa from CSCC’s Development Foundation asked me If I wanted to sit in on a class, I didn’t hesitate before saying yes. There have been many times over the years that I’ve toyed with the idea of cooking professionally, so it was absolutely fascinating to be able to quite literally see and taste the care and discipline it takes to make it through the three year program.

Each class begins with a mini-lecture that teaches theory and/or clarifies the concepts that the students will work on in the kitchen. Team assignments are made, with each person in the team being given a task to work on. The topic of this particular day was cheesemaking, with the gentlemen of Canal Junction cheeses there as guest speakers.

Before they got started on making three varieties of fresh cheeses (quark, ricotta, and mozzarella), the chefs went to work setting up their mis en place, with their sharp chef’s knives making quick work of chopping up fresh herbs.


I had a definite case of equipment envy, especially the Robo-Coupe they used to make pesto.


The rest of prep before making the cheese involved roasting garlic, rehydrating and chopping sun-dried tomatoes, and slicing berries. Luckily, they have several hours to prep/cook before presenting their dishes to the instructor and the rest of the class, so the pace is far more relaxed than it would be in an actual restaurant. They get on-the-job training during the 6,000 hours they work in a restaurant outside of the classroom in order to earn their credentials. Most of the restaurants involved in Taste the Future employ CSCC students and alumni.


Ricotta was probably the easiest to make – the addition of an acid to the milk causes it to separate into curds and whey.


Quark seemed just as simple to make, using a method that can easily be done in a home kitchen.


Making mozzarella cheese is a bit more complicated because it involves the addition of rennet, which can ruin the whole batch if you add too much. Even though there were some problems along the way, everyone managed to get to the part where you have to stretch the mozzarella well before the deadline.

Stretching the Mozzarella

With the addition of the add-ins the students had prepped earlier, every group made spirals that were popping with flavor.


My favorite of the bunch were the ones filled with pesto.

Pesto-filled mozzarella spirals

Quark is a pretty neutral cheese on its own, but can easily be flavored with other ingredients to be sweet or savory.


We really enjoyed the pesto quark, which had an in-your-face garlic punch.


The berry quark was equally as good, just In a different way.


And I got to sample almost all of the cheeses Canal Junction produces. Yummy stuff, and local to boot.


I really enjoyed myself during this class. I had the opportunity to talk to some of the students, and was impressed by the passion and hard work involved in completing this program. I really love what they’re doing there, and your support during Taste the Future allows them to subsidize the cost of the program.

For those of you who have stuck around this long, I’m giving away a pair of tickets ($200 value) to next Tuesday’s event. To enter, go to the Taste the Future website, peruse the menu, and tell me what one item you’re most interested in trying. Leave a comment on this entry with that information, making sure to provide me with an email address where I can contact you if you win. I’ll accept entries until Sunday, September 11th at 11:59pm and draw and notify the winner immediately thereafter. Earn an extra entry by tweeting about this giveaway (make sure there’s an @columbusfoodie somewhere in your tweet so I see it and it gets counted. Limit one entry per person per entry method.

Congrats to LeAnn Purdy, the winner as chosen by Random.org. I will contact you directly to give you further instructions.

24 thoughts on “Event: The Making of a Chef at CSCC + Giveaway!

  1. Melissa Sponseller

    I think the crabmeat gazpacho looks the great. I fell in love with briosos version last year and I'd love to try this one.

  2. Edwin Yang

    I can't wait to try Chef Butcher's Creole Kitchen's Shrimp, Chicken, & Andouille Étouffée over Mushroom Rice!

  3. Dianne Goh

    I'm interested in trying Lindey's Restaurant & Bar's Duck Confit in Pastry Shell with Pomegranate-Goat Cheese Mousse with Crispy Leeks. The different textures & flavors sound like it'd be a little piece of heaven in my mouth!

  4. Courtenay

    The Strawberry and Rhubarb Shortcake from Rafter's at Deer Creek Resort sounds like it would be pretty good. Just about everything sounds good, really though.

  5. Kathy

    My one stay at the Blackwell was more than enjoyable, and their menu sounds very inviting. As a farmer/vendor, I am always on the "other end of the table" and like you would enjoy more of a culinary experience. You're my favorite customer.

  6. Kevin

    I’m always keen to try anything with scallops in it. While I don’t see it on the menu, I keep hearing rumors…

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  8. We Explore Ohio

    Brewers Yard Krogers – Braised Kobe Beef with Sweet Wasabi Polenta & Spiced Onion Straws!

    Sounds really interesting!

  9. Jordan

    I am looking forward to 3 babes and a baker. I just seen them on cupcake wars and would love to meet them in person. Plus anything sweet sounds great anytime!

  10. Brian

    Trattoria Roma's Walnut & Gorgonzola Ravioli with Blueberry-Balsamic Reduction. That just sounds crazy. I want it.

  11. Jennifer

    Catering By Design's wild mushroom in puff pastry with creme fraiche, anything from 3 Babes & a Baker or Beer Braised Buffalo in Lettuce Cups from Limited Brands Enterprise. Everything sounds great.

  12. Dionne

    Hi! For me Cameron Mitchell's tuna in a can is really sparking my interest.. but my sweet tooth can't stop thinking about the southern peach cobbler from the Creole Kitchen – that just sounds like heaven.

  13. Amy

    GREAT selection of restaurants…some of Columbus' finest – very impressive! I am looking forward to everything which fulfills a vegetarian appetite.

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