A Look Back at 2011

Here, in the final hours of 2011, I’m taking a few minutes to reflect on how the past year diverted from my expectations. In many ways, it was the year from hell. A few stupid nutritional decisions on my part started an avalanche of medical nightmares that almost ended up with me losing my life. While I recognized that I was getting weaker, I never suspected it was because I wasn’t getting enough protein. Still, despite my medical battles and the steep climb back up from the brink of the worst case scenario, I learned so much that I wouldn’t trade for the world – learning to let go and trust, learning who really mattered to me and learning who was there for me when the chips were down and things were the most bleak, learning how to advocate for myself and what I needed, learning that I could push myself physically far beyond what I thought I was capable of, and learning not to take life for granted were a few of the many lessons I learned in the six months or so I was in the hospital in the past year.

Recognizing that I needed to make my recovery a priority meant that the blog took a backseat to just about everything else this year. Many of you moved on, many others have stuck around and sent me emails of encouragement when I’ve needed them most, despite the infrequent updates. I can happily say that physically, mentally and emotionally, I’m in an even better place than where I started last year. I can do everything (and more) that I was doing before. It’s a miracle that the only real permanent damage from the whole ordeal is just a few scars. Losing all my hair taught me humility and how really not important vanity is to me. Being stuck in the hospital taught me to appreciate the little things in life – a meal out here, a farmers market there, going grocery shopping, driving a car, a nice hot shower, for example. I met so many awesome people – nurses, doctors, therapists, aides that made an unbearable situation bearable.

Today, in the beginning of 2012, I’m making a renewed commitment to this blog, which I’ve missed more than you know. Sometimes it was a matter of having to choose between attending an event or writing about it, because I didn’t have the energy for both. I’m slowly working my way up to doing a lot of the cooking again (I did a lot of the work putting holiday meals together). I’m far, far behind (even more so than usual) but will get caught up eventually. For those of you still reading, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have no idea how much you all mean to me.

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To check their “retrospective’ estimate, the researchers tracked new cases of NMS over 18 months at the hospital. NMS was diagnosed in six of 679 antipsychotic-treated patients, report Paul E. Keck Jr. and his colleagues in the Oct. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY. go to web site nexium side effects

Combined data from the prior review and the new survey point to an estimated NMS frequency of about 1 percent, they conclude. Nevertheless, diagnostic criteria for NMS, particularly in its early stages, remain nuclear to some investigators. The McLean psychiatrists say NMS may encompass a spectrum of physiological reactions to antipsychotic drugs, with mild and more severe forms.

12 thoughts on “A Look Back at 2011

  1. heather pigott

    glad to hear you're doing better! I!ve been a reader for a few years and missed your posts while you were out… but tried to keep posted thru the hospital site your husband had shared. Its nice to see you back in my news feeds and this year when I see you back at the markets I'll be sure to introduce myself! Heres to a happy, HEALTHY!, and yummy 2012.

  2. Kathy

    Good health and wealth in 2012. Missed you, and glad you are back. The fruit crops have been tucked in for the winter and they hope to see you soon back at the markets. Your hubby has been a real gem through and through!

  3. columbusfoodie Post author

    Please do (introduce yourself if you see me at the markets), I always love meeting new people 🙂

    P. did a great job of filling me in on everything that happened while I was out of it. Can't say that I'm sorry to see 2012 – I'm hoping it's a great year for all of us. 🙂

  4. columbusfoodie Post author

    Luckily, the next time you see me I'll have a head full of hair again and no longer be in the wheelchair. It's been a hell of a year, thank you for being one of the people who kept my spirits up.

  5. patient_zero

    Happy New Year Becke and Paul! Seeing you post Becke is like an extended Christmas gift.

    Your New Year's post with Hoppin' John looked great, and your reference to pork and kraut reminded me of Mom cooking it every year. Had it at Tee Jaye's yesterday, not bad for $8.00, and excellent since I didn't have time to make it!

  6. columbusfoodie Post author

    Yes, New Year's Day pretty much calls for a homage to pork, doesn't it? 😉 Remind me to invite you for dinner next year, since the stuff at TeeJaye's isn't quite the same, and it's rare to find people who actually like the stuff.

  7. columbusfoodie Post author

    Same to you and Walker and the kids, Anne. Hopefully both of our families will have an excellent year…

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