Simple Tiramisu

I’m a sucker for a good tiramisu, and after trial (and error), found that this recipe from Cooking for Engineers produced the best one yet. Super easy and quick to whip up, so perfect when you’re having company. Simple Tiramisu recipe from Cooking for Engineers Ingredients: About 20 lady’s fingers (the crisp ones, not the […]

RIP: Sadie (1999-2012)

Excuse me if I’m bit distracted today. I’m profoundly sad because we had to put our 13-year old Beagle Sadie down last night – we woke up in the middle of night to let her and our Shih Tzu out for a potty break, and Sadie was fairly unresponsive to being woke up – she […]

Farm Fresh and Local Produce 6/25/2011

Got home late last night, and didn’t get to bed until nearly 6am, so I slept in most of today. Putting together the entry for the FreshStreet pop up at Noodlecat as we speak, will hopefully have more for you tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy (vicariously, much as I did during the date) these pictures […]

Rattlesnake Sliders

If you like spicy foods, here’s one for you. The cayenne in the recipe gives it quite a kick, and the sweet Hawaiian roll is a great contrast to the heat. I’ve had to cut the heat out of most of my diet, unfortunately, but even without it’s full complement of red pepper, it still […]