Farm Fresh and Local Produce 4/28/2012

Well, I promised that I’d be much better about getting up the farmers market reports in a more timely manner this year – so in the interest of keeping that promise, looks like you’ll see some of this year’s posts before I finish putting up the rest of last season’s…

Happily, today was the first official day of at both the North Market and Clintonville, with my other usual Saturday market, Worthington, set to start next weekend. I was really looking forward to going today, since the whole of my season last year was from the perspective of a wheelchair. Since I’m back to being completely mobile, sans wheelchair, walker, or any assistance of any type, I was able to go back to my usual perspective of taking photos from a standing position, which makes things much, much easier.

We headed to the North Market first, with a handful (about a half dozen or so) different vendors there today, which is less than half the usual number during the peak of the growing season. I was really glad to see that they had strawberries today at Rhoads, so I picked up a quart of these beautiful berries to enjoy later.


I also picked a small bunch of asparagus at Wish Well Farms, to include in a farmers market spring risotto I’m planning on making tomorrow.


There were also French breakfast radishes to be had, which I’m going to thinly slice onto thick, buttery (made with Snowville Cream, natch) hunks of Omega’s French Country bread.


Over to Clintonville, where I picked up a bunch of tomato, pepper and chard seedlings. Looking forward to doing some gardening in this next week.

Tomato Seedlings

Yay to ramps – which I’m going to caramelize and include in my risotto.


They had the cutest little baby kale, too – which I unfortunately didn’t pick any up despite being sorely tempted.

Baby Kale

So, that was my market day – did you make it out today? And what did you pick up?

2 thoughts on “Farm Fresh and Local Produce 4/28/2012

  1. bakercreative

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  2. AikoVenus

    I'm a newcomer to your blog and may I say that this is just so beautiful! You have great pictures and I love your local theme of eating. All of the veggies look especially fantastic; I really want to try those breakfast radishes now! ^^ Sadly my market hasn't officially opened up yet, but I'm making sure to check whenever I can!

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