Weekend Dog Blogging: Farmer’s Market Edition

When B. hasn’t been feeling well, she sends me out to the Saturday farmers’ markets alone. I usually go to the North Market, Worthington Market and Clintonville Market. Of late (read: 2014), I’ve gone to just the Clintonville Market, since all my favorite vendors are there, and it seems pointless to fight the crowds in the Short North and Worthington when there’s little reason to do so.

Since there are so many people bringing their dogs to the Market, I’ve made a point of taking pictures of them — at least when they’ll let me. Dogs are fickle about taking candids; not these fellows, however. ¬†Shout-out to Hamilton the Pig, whose owner takes him to Worthington regularly (fifth picture below).

Wistful Dog


Italian Greyhound


Hamilton the Pig




Australian Shepherd