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Recently B. and I had a doctor’s appointment at a practice located at Easton. Since we were famished and knew we were going to go grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s later, we decided to get a late lunch from a restaurant we’d never tried before. The restaurant B. suggested was FlipSide Burger.

FlipSide Burger is a small Ohio chain (only five restaurants; four are in the Cleveland area) that’s trying to be a somewhat upscale casual eatery that offers interesting takes on traditional pub grub (burgers, salads, appetizers, sandwiches) and a fair selection of adult beverages.

The appearance of the restaurant was a somewhat Spartan sport bar, with flatscreen televisions scattered throughout the establishment displaying various games. The restaurant has an outdoor patio adjacent to the surface parking lot off the street; it’s reachable through a nifty floor-to-ceiling sliding patio door. All in all, a decent, if not particularly inviting, environ in which to enjoy our food.

With no further delay, let’s get down to business and talk about the food!
We started by ordering beverages. B. got her usual ice water; I decided to try FlipSide’s take on my favorite mixed drink (the Bloody Mary), their BLT Mary-Tini ($10). This is a Bloody Mary in a martini glass topped with a crispy bacon garnish; the vodka (a double pour, apparently; this puppy was good and strong) is a house-infused Applewood smoked bacon vodka. Its flavor was nicely bacony, boozy and “bloody”, but I’d probably get a good strong ale next time.


We chose a single appetizer to share between us, the Chef’s Made Chili ($6). This was a sizable tureen of chili; its liquid component was a bit thin but very flavorful, and it was dotted with rustic-cut chunks of carrot and celery as well as beans and the hero of the dish, deeply seasoned fork-tender braised beef. The chili was topped with an aged white cheddar cheese and minced chives. We agreed that this was a very good chili, neither too bland nor too spicy. The split bowl left us with a warm feeling in the belly yet ready for the main event – our burgers.


B. ordered FlipSide’s signature burger, the One Red Door Burger ($10.50). This sandwich has seven ounces of medium-rare Ohio grass-fed beef topped with crispy shallots and brie cheese on a toasted brioche bun, with lettuce, tomato, onion and a bacon-date aioli on the side. We agreed that this was a fine choice, and easily one of the better burgers we’ve eaten in Columbus.


I decided to take one for the team, so I selected the Sandwich of the Month, which was the Thanksgiving Turkey Burger. This sandwich consisted of seven ounces of well-done but still juicy all-natural ground turkey, stuffing, house-made mushroom gravy and crispy shallots on a toasted brioche bun with cranberry chutney served on the side. I’ve made something similar myself at home (Thanksgiving Burgers with Cranberry Mayo), and this just as good – instead of putting stuffing IN the burger itself, it topped the burger, and the mushroom gravy gave the stuffing the savory moistness it would’ve otherwise been missing. B. agreed that it was, indeed, a good sandwich.


As a side with our burgers, we ordered the Triple Cooked Fries with Truffle Oil and Grana Padana cheese ($6) to share between us. The fries were crisp, hot, and tasty, but lacked even the slightest hint of truffle aroma or flavor. If truffle oil had touched these pommes frites, it had been chased through at a full gallop. Still good, but without the truffling, we might as well have gotten the plain salt-and-herb fries ($4).


Our verdict? A pub that does a few things and does them well. Worth a second visit, absolutely.

If you’d like to go:

Flipside Easton
3945 Easton Station
Easton Town Center

Tel: 614-472-FLIP

2 thoughts on “Review: Flipside Burger Easton

  1. Rachel (Harmonious Homestead)

    I agree that the house burger is the best burger I’ve had in Columbus. It’s a rare craving of mine and I appreciate that flipburger uses Ohio-sourced grass-fed beef, though I wish they were a little more transparent in exactly what farm they’re using.

  2. sara B

    I agree the “truffle fries” never seem to be truffle fries, when I am paying extra I expect to get what I pay for. Consistency does seem to be a problem with this place though, my burgers never look the same, or are seasoned the same, fries as well. I think it is great the local sourcing they do ( in a way). *Rachel from Harmonious Homestead* to answer your question they keep it hush hush because they use meat from the Ohio PRISON system. Im not sure if it is all 100% Ohio beef but I do know they use beef raised in Ohio prisons and butchered there ( some of it at least). SO I’m assuming its a cheaper product, local products are so expensive. Part of the reason is to help support the “farmer”. So I guess they go with prison beef so they can say its local but get it cheap and not have to really support the local system! My husband and I have been there 6? times in the past year I feel like when we stared going it was better then now, but to me its just a place to eat I go for my husband as he likes burgers so I could be wrong, but he has be wanting to go to Thermans more lately. Thermans also uses OHIO meat that is traceable and processes it at a columbus landmark Falter meats!! So at the end of the day Flip it better then Steak N shake but not really worth the price, especially for PRISON beef.


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