Introduction to the Cooking for Kids Series

It’s really difficult to tell sometimes when kids are ready to cook – some are extremely precocious and are able to compete like old pros on shows like Masterchef Junior, others lack the interest or even the drive to boil a kettle of water. Every once in a while, the child comes to you and asks if they can help. Believe me when I say that kids like that are a rare thing indeed, so you want to foster that interest as soon as they show it. My great-grandmother started teaching me her recipes at 4 or 5 years old, whether it was helping her with Apfelkuchen, sitting out back snapping the ends off of green beans, or what not. I was still using a step-stool when I started cooking with her.

Yahnni Cooking

Yahnni is my best friend’s daughter, (but is more like a niece to me), a 10 year old extremely intelligent, and extremely creative ball of energy who leaves her mark on everything she touches. We’ve agreed to let her pick out a dish for us all to make on the weekends, and this series will talk about those experiences, what we’ve learned (because as much as we’re teaching her, we learn from her as well), and how it all turned out. So keep your eyes peeled for some of her inventions.

P.S. If you’d like to join in, put the link to your entry as a comment. I will see all that are submitted and will edit the entry to link you all up.