5 For $20 Challenge: Introduction

Giant-Eagle, a Pittsburgh-based supermarket chain, recently began an in-store promotion where they offer selected meats and poultry at five packages for $20. Usually their marked price is between $4.75 and $6.00 per package, so this is a pretty good value.

Giant Eagle 5 for $20 Proteins

As we always love a challenge, we got the idea to see whether we could make five different entrees (each suitable for at least two people) using $20 worth of proteins. Some of the recipes we’ve found use a lot of ingredients we already had on hand; others, not so much (one required a bottle of Belgian ale that cost as much as the meat). We’ll revisit this topic over the next couple of weeks and plan to re-take the challenge a second time since Giant-Eagle offers so many different protein choices in this promotion.

FTC Disclosure:  We are not affiliated with Giant-Eagle Supermarkets nor have we received any compensation from them for this article. Our opinions are our own.