Keeping it Local: Mosley’s Meat Market

We love keeping our money in the local economy. We also love stores that remind us of those our grandparents frequented when we were kids. Sadly, there aren’t too many of these left, so when we happen upon one, we’re thrilled.

B’s physical therapist mentioned Mosley’s Meat Market to her during a session late last year. We finally got a chance to visit it, and were pleasantly surprised by what we found.


Mosley’s recently moved from its former home on the northeast corner of Roberts and Hilliard-Rome Roads to a standalone shop two blocks south of there.

Mosley’s is a full-service butcher shop. Their meats are all Ohio-sourced, from local farmers and their beef, additionally, is 100% grass-fed. Need proof? When we arrived one of their employees was in the midst of dressing and butchering what appeared to be a lamb.


We were highly impressed by their selection of sausages. On any given day they’ve got well over a dozen types in the burger and sausage display case. The sausages are made daily onsite from fresh, never frozen, meat and poultry.


One standout item we purchased on this trip was two pounds of their sirloin tip steak, which they gladly sliced into minute steak. We made cheesesteak sandwiches with this meat yesterday and were impressed with the quality, flavor, and tenderness of the meat. We also picked up two pounds of “gyro meatloaf” which will be made into lamb meatballs for use in flatbread sandwiches.

B. and I make a killer bourbon beef short rib stew. We normally use beef short ribs from the House of Meats at The Anderson’s; House of Meats charges $7.89/lb for theirs, and they aren’t particularly meaty or tender. In contrast, the ones at Mosley’s look absolutely fantastic and cost only $4.49/lb. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from that.


In addition to selling meats, Mosley’s also offers Mrs. Millers pastas (including some we’ve never seen elsewhere) and other local Ohio products including honeys, sauces and fruit preserves.



Remember how I said they leave no parts of the animals unused? They can several varieties of bone broths and offer them for sale.
They also render the fat from the animals they butcher, and sell it as well. Pork lard, bacon fat, beef tallow, lamb fat, all are available.


Like most local butcher shops (Carfagna’s, Schuman’s etc.) Mosley’s offers a fairly wide range of pre-selected meat boxes for purchase. BTW, those cute little animal mascots on the list that appear on the front of the building as well? They’re also on the butcher’s paper that they use to wrap your selections.


I tried a selection of their meat sticks ($6.99/lb for all types). They were good, on the whole, if in some cases oddly seasoned. Note that Mosley’s offers sandwiches made fresh at the deli ($4.99 half/$8.99 whole); this is the only place where they stumbled. You’re better off simply making a sandwich at home or going to your favorite sub shop. Between the unavailable ingredients and the questionable quality of the deli meat, neither of us were satisfied with our choices. But, this IS a butcher shop, not a sandwich shop, so what were we expecting?

Some people (Yelpers, we’re looking at YOU) have complained about bad customer service here. We experienced nothing of the sort; service was friendly and helpful, yet efficient. I can see how some people might interpret this as brusque or dismissive. I, however, did not.

If it isn’t obvious, we’re greatly pleased to have found a new butcher shop to replace Schuman’s Meats, who lost our business permanently after the egg debacle.  I expect we’ll be making Mosley’s a regular stop during our grocery runs from now on.

If you’d like to go:

Mosley’s Meat Market
2410 Hilliard-Rome Road

Ph#: 614-777-MEAT