Catching Up – and Big News!

Wow, can’t believe it’s been 3 years since my last post – seems like yesterday. And I apologize that it seems like I disappeared off the face of this earth with no warning.

Long story short, after dealing with so much illness between 2011-2015, I kind of lost the identity of blogger, and picked up the identity of being a patient. I ran to New Jersey, hoping to repair severed family ties and get back to my roots so I could find myself again. Unfortunately, moving back to my hometown was anything but. It cost me my marriage, my passions in life, and so much more.

Faced with so much violence around me, watching friends die one by one because of either drugs or other bad choices, watching corrupt politicians win local elections, and dealing with the same sort of racism, homophobia, and other things that caused me to flee to Ohio in the first place, it became clear to me that if I stay here any longer, I’ll never be able to leave a place I’m so unhappy with. I’ve seen it happen too many times – brilliant people who are stuck here against their will, because they don’t have the economic resources to relocate. I’m blessed enough to be able to leave.

So that’s the big news – I’m headed back to Columbus. I’ve already sold my house, will be leaving New Jersey in mid-May, and this time around, I’m here to stay. And I’m picking up right where I left off. So excited. Will update via Twitter – I kind of went black on social media except for Facebook. I’ve got so much to say to catch up with where I am in life, but I’m gung ho about diving right in when I get back. So many new restaurants, changes in the past 3 years, that it will take me a while to rediscover the city I grew to love. See you all soon, I’ve missed you all dearly!

0 thoughts on “Catching Up – and Big News!

  1. Kelly

    well i’m excited! i’ve been following you for years, enjoyed all the posts from here in Columbus, and although we aren’t “friends” I’ve always wondered how you have been doing.

  2. Nancy

    Like Kelly said, I’ve followed you for a long time, then you disappeared. I still had you in my reader feed so was happy to see this post arrive. But have searched for you on Facebook or Instagram and can’t find you under Columbusfoodie or swampkitty05. I don’t do Twitter. How can we find you?