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2Silos 3rd Annual Holiday Wine Party

I really wish I had taken pictures…I had a FABULOUS time last night at Denise’s (of 2Silos fame) wine party last night. I feel honored that she invited us, and am so glad that she did. In addition to feasting on homemade cheese, delicious chicken paprikash (Denise, I *want* that recipe ), muscovy duck, lamb, and much more, I got the opportunity to try tons of wine I would have never had the opportunity to otherwise, and met so many cool people, like Ginger, a jill-of-all-trades who in addition to growing garlic and horseradish, makes her own local vinegar, bakes amazing bread (trust me, I tried some!), and plans on teaching classes of all sorts at her farm in Morrow County. And then there was Vanessa and her husband, who raise organic turkeys and cows. And the lovely couple (I’m sorry I didn’t catch your names!) whose delicious duck I’ve tried already in many of my favorite restaurants. (Update: After a bit of research, I’ve discovered that the lovely couple is Dennis and Angela of Cota Farms in Cardington). I’m telling you folks, that party was a locavore’s heaven. 🙂

I can’t wait to communicate further with my newfound friends. If the knowledge and kindness and dedication to their work is representative of what our local food producers are like, I feel even better about my decision to try to eat as locally as possible.

Best of all, I got a chance to see Sweetie, my “adopted” hen. I’m going to miss all those eggs while I’m gone. I’m homesick already.

Meet Sweetie

Remember I told you guys about how I signed up for the 2Silos (the web site is down temporarily) “Adopt a Hen” program, where for a set amount (I believe it’s $159 now, don’t quote me on that), you’d get to “adopt” a hen (with naming and visitation rights), get 40 dozen eggs, and a 5 lb. bucket of compost?


Well, I’d like to introduce Sweetie, an Americauna hen who follows Denise (2Silos owner) around all day, who I had the pleasure of meeting today in the parking lot of Whole Foods during their open air market. Isn’t she cute? I think Sweetie is a fitting name.

If I didn’t have all the deed restrictions I do (and if I lived in a more remote part of town rather than in a subdivision), I’d SO be buying one of her city chicken kits to raise my own birds – I never realized chickens were so endearing. Not to mention all the yummy eggs.

Stay tuned for future installments in the continuing adventures of Sweetie.