Up until a couple of years ago, I hated greens. Just though they were the nastiest, bitterest thing I had ever tasted. But I had one co-worker who made them for a potluck, and people were fighting to be able to get to them before they were gone – the co-worker asked me if I […]

Thanksgiving Desserts

We’ll start our review of Thanksgiving dinner with the usual ending – the desserts. I made three desserts in total – a couple of squash custard pies, a caramelized nut tart, and a Sara Lee Blueberry pie. I’ll skip the pic of the blueberry pie since I’m sure everyone has seen one at one time […]

Thanksgiving CSA Box

We just picked up the turkey, along with the Thanksgiving CSA box. This is what we got, along with a dozen eggs: It looks like the beginnings of a fine meal, indeed… In the pic: hearty greens (kale & mustard), salad greens, parsley, potatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic, onions, chemical free apples, 2 kinds of turnips, 2 […]

Thanksgiving Menu

So, the final menu for Thanksgiving is decided on, and now I’m off to shop and do whatever prep I can in advance. We’re having our Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday instead of Thursday (to accommodate my sister’s day off – she has to work the holiday) – anyone who is local and would like to […]

Friday Roundup 10/27/06

Well, I’m back – computer problems are mostly handled (I got a new system out of the deal, but there was a ton of stuff on the old computer that I really need – food photos, my calendar, etc. – which I may or may not be able to get back, don’t know yet). We’re […]

Split Pea Soup

Most of what I’ve been getting in my CSA box lately is typical fall and winter veggies, like potatoes and onions and garlic and turnips. And I have some carrots in the fridge from last week’s farmers market, and also some parnsips that I got for another recipe. I also have a huge pantry of […]

Simon and Garfunkel Roast Chicken

My husband works with someone who raises free-range chickens (Andelaine Fields out of Springfield, OH), and we ordered one a while back. This has been sitting in the freezer for the past month or so so I could find a recipe that would showcase the taste of the chicken rather than overwhelm it. After looking […]

Becke’s Spontaneous Pasta

Sometimes when I’m cooking, I go into “the zone” – that whirling dervish of creativity where the results don’t always look pretty, but they sure as hell taste good. I had a bunch of stuff in the fridge that I needed to use up, so decided to throw together a concoction, tasting as I went […]