Foodie Failure

While going through my pictures on Flickr, I came across this. Just wanted to post the picture quickly to show you that even us foodies have recipes that come out as an epic fail. This blueberry/juneberry tart ended up with a crust of sugar on top because the recipe I used called for it to […]

OLS Week 2: A Comedy of Errors

It’s the second week of One Local Summer, and despite many attempts at making a local meal this week, I’m lucky I have anything at all to post. Murphy was living in my kitchen this week, because anything that could go wrong absolutely did. I had the best laid plans. I was going to make […]

Taste & Create: Kits Chow

Trying to get my Taste & Create entry posted this month has been a complete and utter comedy of errors. First, stupid me waited until the last minute to get this done. Mistake #1. Partially because there were so many awesome recipe on Kit’s Chow that I had a hard time deciding. I had finally […]

Whisk Wednesdays: Veloute Agnes Sorel

As usual, I’m bringing up the rear for Whisk Wednesdays, a day late and a dollar short. And I’m convinced that my luck with French soups is nil. I wouldn’t have thought that making a cream of chicken soup would be so difficult, but… Let’s just suffice it to say that we weren’t pleased by […]

Whisk Wednesdays – Clam Soup

I really, really, REALLY should have trusted my instincts. I’ve known for the past couple of weeks that this week’s Whisk Wednesdays dish was Mussel Soup – and I loathe everything about mussels, especially the texture. So I convinced myself to substitute whole shelled and cleaned clams and hoped for the best. Yesterday, I realized […]

Whisk Wednesdays: Salade Messidor

We can just call this one “the salad that damn near ended my marriage”. After last week’s artichoke debacle, when I found out that this week’s Whisk Wednesdays also incorporated artichokes, I kind of curled my lip and procrastinated all week, because last week I discovered that I don’t like artichokes unless they’re an unidentifiable […]

Taste and Create: The Spiced Life

I’m really getting my Taste & Create entry in at the last minute, because tonight has truly been a comedy of errors. My partner for this round was Laura of The Spiced Life – I was extremely delayed in getting this done because I changed my mind about what I wanted to make about 5 […]

SHF: Black Forest Cherry Cake

This month for Sugar High Friday, we were challenged to make our favorite dessert – I find it difficult to pick just one favorite, as my choice would change with the season. My favorite is seasonal, made with the fantastic cherries I picked up at the farmers market this past weekend. I present to you […]

Tempura Squash Blossoms with Herbed Goat Cheese

The final outcome of the recipe was not exactly what I expected, and as I’m not afraid to include my failures as well as my triumphs, figured I’d still put this out for public consumption as a public service announcement on how not to ruin a perfectly good bag of squash blossoms. You see, it […]