I’m still working on the post updating you all on my health issues (takes forever to type with fingers that have been used as pin cushions), but i didn’t want another moment to go by without putting out the reminder that this week (March 7th to March 13th). I’ve had some unfortunate health setbacks that […]

Abyssinia Cafe: Customer Service FAIL

One of the reasons we’ve been able to afford eating out since Paul has been unemployed is because of WTTE’s Dining Out Deals, where area restaurants offer discounted gift certificates in return for advertising on the news – because of that program, we’ve had quite a few great meals (at places like Barrio, Gallo’s Tap […]

T Minus 3 Days – Restaurant Week 2009

Well, it seems that most of the menus are up on the Columbus Dine Originals site are up, and what that means for me is that I’ve finalized my reservations for next week. I’ve made the earliest reservations possible on most nights, and I’m planning on doing some live twittering along with a write-up at […]

Eating Out on a Recession Budget

If your family is anything like mine, you’ve been hit fairly hard by he recession, and have had to make sacrifices to make ends meet. Rather than giving up dining out entirely, we’ve discovered some really handy resources for stretching your dining dollars in Columbus. These work for us, and may work for your family […]