Menu Plan Monday: Jan 14-20, 2013

Well, that deadline definitely went out the window – updating the theme isn’t as easy as I originally intended (since I’m installing a completely new framework, and behind the scenes getting everything to work with everything else is a bit harder than I thought. Luckily, I’m married to an IT professional, but at the moment, […]

Menu Plan Monday: Nov 19-25, 2012

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done a post for Menu Plan Monday – it’s not that we haven’t eaten or cooked anything – it’s been more that the last couple weeks have flown by without me really taking a moment to breathe. Over the past couple of weeks we have made a […]

Menu Plan Monday: Oct 29-Nov 4, 2012

I’m really glad we started participating in the Menu Plan Monday blog party last week. For the first time in a while, we cooked almost all week. We did a pretty good job of sticking to the schedule, and if we keep this up, we may actually start to put a real dent in our […]

Menu Plan Monday: Oct 22-28, 2012

It’s funny – in the 7 years I’ve been blogging (just had an anniversary pass last week!) I’ve seen the food blog community expand from a thousand or so to tens of thousands. Many come and go within a few months, many others have been around as long (if not longer) than Columbus Foodie has, […]

San Francisco: Day 1

Sorry for the delay in getting this up, folks – I had lots and lots of pics from the trip to go through, and then had to edit, organize and upload them all. Finally we get to the fun part, recollecting the trip. I’ll be telling the story in four parts – Day 1, Day […]

Taste & Create: Shortcut to Mushrooms

I’ve participated in the Taste & Create event on and off for years now. Basically you cook something from another blog, while they cook something from yours. By luck of the draw, I almost always seem to get paired up with vegetarian blogs. While it still leaves me with a ton of options, I’m sure […]

OLS Week 13: Caprese Risotto

It seems almost wrong that One Local Summer is ending just as the growing season is at its peak – with so much still to look forward to, and with no excuse to cook anything but completely local, ending the event seems almost premature. I wish there were a “One Local Fall” to carry on […]

OLS Week 11: Summery Chopped Orzo Salad

I’ve been harvesting stuff like crazy from my backyard garden. And what better way to use up a fridge full of fresh veggies and beat this horrible heat than to make a cool, colorful orzo salad that has great flavor and texture? This one came out so well that I’m putting it into my permanent […]

OLS Week 9: Cuban Panini

I missed out on last week’s One Local Summer. It wasn’t that I didn’t make a local meal last week – I did. I just never could carve out the time I needed to last weekend to actually write about it. So I’m joining back in this week with a quick post about one of […]

OLS Week 7: Fun with Frittata

Remember last month, when I told you about my frittata nightmare? And that I wasn’t sure what the problem was? Well, it turns out that the problem WAS the cookware. I picked up a nice oven-safe nonstick omelette pan from, and it worked beautifully. Because for this edition of One Local Summer, I ended […]