Friday Round Up 10/20/06

So here we are, a day late and a dollar short. It’s been a hectic week that got thrown off-track by a job interview yesterday afternoon, and my timing is suffering this week. My apologies ahead of time for getting this Friday roundup out on Saturday morning. – Attention, Columbus bloggers: some started a Columbus […]

Friday Round Up 10/13/06

Another Columbus food blogger has come to my attention this week: CMH Gourmand. He likes a lot of the same places I do, too. — I was really happy to see Jeni’s Ice Creams featured in a Dispatch article this week. Two interesting things. It mentions that the Ohio peach flavor is low-fat. I wish […]

Friday Round Up 10/6/06

There was an excellent article in the Dispatch this week about eating local foods. Find out which area restarants support the local food movement by reading this extremely positive article that I hope will wake some people up to what they’re missing. — Speaking of local foods, we’re in the height of apple season. If […]

Friday Round Up 9/29/06

Technically, it’s Saturday now. Blame Time Warner. Sorry for the delay… This week, Columbus Dispatch readers voted City Barbeque as the best brisket in town. I agree wholeheartedly, while admitting that my eating of beef brisket in Columbus has been rather limited. Go ahead and vote in the upcoming week on who has the best […]

Friday Round Up 9/22/06

Congratulations to (sorta) local food blogger Barbara of Tigers & Strawberries on the birth of her beautiful new daughter Kat. – This week, Columbus Dispatch readers voted Giammarco’s as the best spaghetti in town. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of the place, I’ll definitely need to check them out. Now, they want your input on […]

Friday Round Up 9/15/06

I found another Columbus food blogger at The Holy Crepe! Cool..I wonder how many of us are out here? Maybe one day there will be enough of us to have a Columbus (or Ohio?) Food Blogger Picnic or Potluck or something. — I really want to try this recipe for Schmarren (German Omelet). It sounds […]

Friday Round Up 9/8/06

Benjamin Christie offers some great advice to new bloggers or those looking to increase their visibility and traffic in his Food Blog Aggregator and Content Syndication article. Lots of good pointers and links to places to submit your food blog. — Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb brings up an interesting discussion in the article Obesity: A […]