Red-Skinned Potato Salad

We had two Christmas dinners this year – prime rib with our houseguest and her kids on Christmas day, and a separate celebration on December 28th that included my sister, her boyfriend, and their three children. We had planned to smoke a brisket using the electric smoker I got Paul the year before. Unfortunately, the […]

Menu Plan Monday: Nov 19-25, 2012

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done a post for Menu Plan Monday – it’s not that we haven’t eaten or cooked anything – it’s been more that the last couple weeks have flown by without me really taking a moment to breathe. Over the past couple of weeks we have made a […]

Eggnog Flan

If you’re anything like me or many others I know, eggnog is a winter holiday staple. You crave it every year, but after a glass full, you’ve had your fill and can’t bear the thought of having another glass. You may even have a couple of quarts of it languishing around in your fridge, leftover […]

A Little Bit of Germany in Columbus

The Christmas memories of my childhood are often punctuated by thoughts of the baked goods they used to make for the holidays. My grandfather’s stollen had a prominent place In those memories, and so did German style cookies. Holidays were big in their household, going over there on Christmas Eve every year was something I […]

A Look Back at 2011

Here, in the final hours of 2011, I’m taking a few minutes to reflect on how the past year diverted from my expectations. In many ways, it was the year from hell. A few stupid nutritional decisions on my part started an avalanche of medical nightmares that almost ended up with me losing my life. […]

Christmas 2010

Hey, if my neighbors across the street can still have their Christmas lights up and on near the January, then it’s not too late for me to blog about it.  Starting this year, I’ve officially passed the gauntlet of hosting the family holiday get-together to my younger sister Maurya, because my health the past few […]

Christmas Traditions

Here it is, very early on Christmas morning and I’ve been thinking about our families’ traditions through the years – Christmas has always been a pretty big deal when I was growing up, and fortunately, we’ve continued that trend through our generation and the next. But I thought it would be a nice time to […]

Turkey Dumpling Stew

I interrupt my regularly scheduled vacation to post this wonderful recipe that uses up a bunch of your Turkey Day leftovers. A stock made with the roasted carcass of the bird along with a few other aromatics serves as the base of this hearty stew. With this weekend being as chilly as it will be […]

2009 Retrospective / A Look to 2010

As is my tradition on the last day of the year, I take a few moments to evaluate how well I stuck to last year’s foodie resolutions, – Be a lot more proactive about working on the blog. I’m so far behind right now (33 drafts in my folder right now, the events and menus […]