Abyssinia Cafe: Customer Service FAIL

One of the reasons we’ve been able to afford eating out since Paul has been unemployed is because of WTTE’s Dining Out Deals, where area restaurants offer discounted gift certificates in return for advertising on the news – because of that program, we’ve had quite a few great meals (at places like Barrio, Gallo’s Tap […]

My Thoughts on Tastecasting

I’ve been aware of Tastecasting for a while now. Since the whole concept started here in Columbus, there’s a fairly active group of individuals that belong and cross my path in a myriad of ways. Some are even readers. Most that I’ve met face to face or traded tweets with are really, really nice people. […]

Farm Fresh and Local Produce – 5/17/08

Well, today’s trip to the farmer’s markets was interesting, to say the least. We got another early start, and got to the North Market a little after 8am. We brought our beagle Sadie with us this morning, as she needs the exercise and we thought she’d enjoy it greatly. She sucked up to everyone who […]

Vacation Roundup

As is obvious by now, we made it home on Monday, driving through 8 hours (the trip should have taken 6) of rain, sometimes torrential. My husband is not a good driver in bad weather, so I drove the bulk of the way home, and got in well after dark on Monday night. But I […]

June 2007 Roundup

I’m really, really late getting June’s roundup out, because Bloglines had a major burp in July that ended up resetting pretty much everything, and with 1,800+ feeds, it meant I had to make my way through about 20,000 posts just trying to find the ones for June and July, and then I wasn’t able to […]

Daring Bakers Chocolate Crepe Cake Challenge

Bringing up the rear as always (I was supposed to post this yesterday, but procrastinator that I am, once again I’m a day late and a dollar short), just let me preface this rant by saying: I officially *hate* Martha Stewart. Lucky enough to be accepted as one of the lovely and talented Daring Bakers, […]