First Look: TOM + CHEE Soft Opening

Well, it certainly has been quite a while, hasn’t it? Sorry for our extended absence, but Ms. Foodie’s had some health issues (again) and while attending to her needs I’m afraid website updates have gone by the wayside… HOWEVER, today I chanced upon the soft opening of the new Tom + Chee restaurant — the […]

Abyssinia Cafe: Customer Service FAIL

One of the reasons we’ve been able to afford eating out since Paul has been unemployed is because of WTTE’s Dining Out Deals, where area restaurants offer discounted gift certificates in return for advertising on the news – because of that program, we’ve had quite a few great meals (at places like Barrio, Gallo’s Tap […]

RIP: The Dog Joint

I read today in ThisWeek News that The Dog Joint in Westerville closed last month. I visited it once, last summer, and found it to be fair to middlin’. Not bad enough to slaughter them in a review, but not good enough to recommend. I had wanted to go back and give it another try […]

The bonoPIZZA Pay It Forward Plan

Want to see our favorite pizza joint have another brick and mortar home? One with lots of seating and parking? Here’s how you can help. As seen on Columbus Underground (if you have any detailed questions, ask on the CU thread): Want To Help bonoPizza Move Into a New Location? Last weekend bonoPIZZA made their […]

Restaurant News 3/6/09

In openings, hot on the heels of the success of places like the new Five Guys Burgers up at Polaris comes Burger Boys, which opened this week at 3650 E. Main Street in Whitehall. The menu offers several variations of interesting burgers, with free fries with the signature burgers being one of the draws. Jason’s […]

Eating Out on a Recession Budget

If your family is anything like mine, you’ve been hit fairly hard by he recession, and have had to make sacrifices to make ends meet. Rather than giving up dining out entirely, we’ve discovered some really handy resources for stretching your dining dollars in Columbus. These work for us, and may work for your family […]

Restaurant News 2/26/09

So a couple of closings in the past week: one temporary and one permanent. Longtime Bexley-area favorite Sammy’s has bit the dust, at least temporarily. A note on the web site says that it should be returning soon under new management – from what I understand, the new place may not have the kosher standing […]