Event: Wayward Seed Harvest Dinner

I absolutely love going to Slow Food Columbus events. The dinners are usually nothing short of amazing. So when Trattoria La Tavola paired up with Wayward Seed Farm in order to offer a seven course harvest dinner on October 26th, many Slow Food members and friends decided to accept their gracious invitation to attend. I […]

Event: SFC Locavore Dinner!

I try to attend as many of the Slow Food Columbus events as I possibly can, as the combination of food (or drink) and company always guarantees an enjoyable experience. So when the Slow Food Columbus “Shake the Hand That Feeds You” Locavore Dinner at Flying J Farm was announced, I didn’t think twice before […]

Event: Slow Food Columbus Dinner at The Refectory

You all already know how much I love The Refectory, so when Slow Food Columbus announced that their next dinner would be there, I was the first person to buy tickets, as I’ve never been disappointed by anything I’ve been served in that establishment. The dinner was held on the patio (who knew they had […]

Savory Rhubarb Tart

I had originally meant for this dish to be an entry for the Root Source Challenge: Rhubarb event, but it looks like I just missed the deadline by a few hours, so instead the entry will be about my love/hate relationship with rhubarb. I don’t hate rhubarb, per se – I’ve just always thought it […]