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I’m always looking to add new food blogs to my blogroll. This is a work in progress – hopefully when it’s finished it will be a comprehensive list of food bloggers by location. If a blog is defunct (no post for over a year, or an announcement to end the blog), I’ll note that as well. If you’d like to be added to this list, drop me an email at columbusfoodieATgmailDOTcom with the subject “Food Blogger Directory” and a link to your site and your location (country, and if in the US, please include your state too) or comment with the same information on this post. I’ve listed the blogs I don’t know a location for in the “unknown” section. Please let me know where you’re based out of if you’re listed there. Thanks. :)

Note: The size of the page was getting too big, so I organized them based on general geographic area. Please make a choice from the sidebar on the right.

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